Help! What's eating my Snapdragons?!!!

leslybgood(z5 PA)June 29, 2011

Google was no help, so I'm hoping the gardening gurus here can solve this mystery... My snapdragons are being attacked. A places say no animal will eat them because they are "toxic." Well, something is eating mine and the weird part is--it's the flowers only--not the stocks. I also had some Mexican Shellflower it didn't have a chance to grow blooms--something ate the grasslike greenery down to the base. I suspected a cat did that as my neighbor's cat is always in the front garden (moles) and likes chewing on grasslike plants (bad kitty!). I wonder if Elmer Fudd is available? :) Thanks!

P.S. I don't suspect deer as I have a gigantic garden with wall-to-wall flowers and nothing else has been disturbed (or trampled).

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

did you notice any inchworms? Nicotina and petunias always loose flowers from flower eating caterpillars. They usually eat the seed pod and the bloom and leave the stalks and leaves alone.

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leslybgood(z5 PA)

Thanks for your response, kato_b. Nope, didn't see any inchworms. It was a pretty large section of Snapdragons (about 10" in diameter) that was taken out. And, it was such total annihilation that I didn't even suspect The Very Hungry Caterpillar :) I'll give it a closer look, though.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

hah hah.... I should have known the very hungry caterpiller didn't get to snapdragons until Sunday and you posted this already on Wednesday!

If it was a patch of total annihalation I would blame something bigger like deer or rabbit. Or blame the neighbors cat.... cats are always up to something around here, I'm sure mischievious snapdragon snatching wouldn't be beyond them.

Or blame the neighbor! Snapdragons are great cut flowers.

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Exactly the same thing happened my snapdragons only this afternoon. I noticed around lunchtime that one snapdragon had been eaten right to the stalks. There was one 30com high stalk remaining on the adjoining plant and I made a mental note to check on it when I got home that evening - but when I got back it was already stripped bare to the stalk - and not a single petal or piece leftover in sight!

Like you I've checked all the websites and they all say they're not edible, or it may be bugs etc etc

Btw I live on a busy road - no deer for miles
Am now fearful for the rest of my garden - and another crop of tasty snapdragons around the other side of the house


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