HAVE: P. membranacea cuttings

mark4321_gwOctober 26, 2009

I have some cuttings of P. membranacea available, probably for postage.

The plant is a vigorous grower in my climate. I offer these with some hesitation, because they are difficult to root. I've gotten about 10% or so, while the pros tell me they get up to 50%, although it can take several months. One tells me they only root during the summer; another disputes this.

As far as I'm aware nobody I've given cuttings to has succeded in rooting them, although only one person has received a significant number.

Many of the cuttings will have white mottling, often with a pinkish tinge due to the purple color on the backside of the leaves. Many people find this attractive, although I've been told it's due to chlorosis. Whatever it is, it may be aggravated or caused by sun and heat. I'll include a mix of both kinds of leaves.

This is another high altitude species which likes it on the cool side, particularly at night, and can only handle light frost.

Mottled (possibly chlorotic) and normal leaves:

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Hi - Do you still have any? I would love to try them. I only have a couple P. plants as of now, but they have been doing well outside in my garden summers as well as in my small greenhouse winters. I would be happy to pay postage or try and research the names of my two plants and send cuttings. I've been pretty successful with my first P. Thanks.

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Here is a pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: My passiflora

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Hi Evisha,

I believe your plant is P. 'Belotii'. I'm out of unrooted cuttings at the moment. I cut my plant back hard before we were hit by a freeze (which kills the exposed growth).

I'm trying to contact you but I can't find an email address. Could you contact me: ml_gw@live.com ?

Here is a link that might be useful: Passiflora 'Belotii'

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Hi again - Sure - I will send an email to you, but you can reach me at evisha1@rcn.com. Thanks.

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