HAVE: P. 'Mission Dolores' seeds (P. parritae x antioquiensis')

mark4321_gwOctober 4, 2009

I have seeds from a fruit of P. 'Mission Dolores' (antioquiensis x parritae). The plant is self-fertile and readily produces fruit that is quite good. The fruit was almost certainly due to cross pollination.

Since the parent is a hybrid, the seedlings will not be identical to 'Mission Dolores', and there may be some surprises. Mission Dolores has characteristics of both parents but in some ways is like a larger version of P. antioquiensis, with 6-7 inch flowers and 18-24 inch peduncles.

The seeds are 3 weeks old and I can give 5-10 per person depending on the response. 'Mission Dolores' as well as both parents have strict temperature requirements--preferably in the 60s or 70s on summer days and the 50s at night; it tolerates little if any frost. Therefore it is suitable for only a small part of the U.S., cool greenhouse or perhaps a Northern region with cool summers and a greenhouse. I'll give preference to people who can provide such conditions; those in warmer climates simply won't ever see flowers and the plants will likely die.

I just got my plant in June and it hasn't bloomed yet. It has been in the 70s most of the summer but has gotten over 90 several days--on those times the leaves grow seriously malformed.

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I screwed up above--the fruit is almost certainly due to SELF-pollination.

I still have most of the seeds.

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Hi mark4321,
The seeds of these have germinated!!! Yahoo!!
Will keep you updated.


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They are still alive...
Do you think they may produce a bud now that it's cooler here?


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