WANTED: Passiflora lady Margaret

patricia531(94551)October 11, 2005

I would love to obtain this plant. In trade I have rooted or hoya cuttings, Brugmansia cuttings. rooted thunberiga's grandiflora and battiscombii,

calla Green goddess, Araujia sericofera,Thumbergia Gregorio,Eucharis,

Clerodendun bungii,

Thanks, Patricia

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

Me too! Did you ever get ahold of this one? This is my current 'must get' passionflower...and I've got lots of different ones! I can't even tell you how much I want to get my grubby little (big?) hands on this one...
Amanda 'romando'

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sgeorgia(z8 SGA)

I can try and root some. I love the hoyas. Especially the very fragrant. Let me know.

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My husband and I found one at Lowe's today. We came home to look it up because it did not have a picture, and has no blooms currently. We are new at this, but the label on the plant says Lady Margaret. While looking online, we found 2 different descriptions; one said it was a pink flower, and one said it is dark burgundy red. Which is correct, or are they both?



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Dark burgundy is more correct than pink. Place your plant in the morning sun/afternoon shade and stand back for the show!

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I will be taking cuttings this weekend for hydroponic and organic mediums. If I have any luck I wouldn't mind trading :)

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