four leaf clovers

katob Z6ish, NE PaJune 3, 2007

There's not a whole lot of point to this post but I thought someone out there might be interested! So here goes:

I was inspecting the weeds alongside the gravelbed that really should be a paved driveway by now (my yard is really too small, I run out of things to do and end up looking at weeds- but that's a different pointless post....) anyway I was looking at a clover plant in particular and noticed there was a four leaf clover on it! I picked it of course and when I looked a little more I saw about 4 or five more.... Then I looked at the one in my hand and saw it was really a 5 leaf clover. Wow. The little things in the garden that make you happy. I'm thinking of transplanting it to a safer spot and seeing if it keeps pumping out the lucky leafs. I'd rather have a goose that lays golden eggs or a money tree, but I guess I won't turn up my nose at a lucky clover plant!

The clover patch was a big hit later in the day with a visiting 5 year old. I told her I found one that morning and that MAYBE she might be able to find one too if she looked along the driveway. She found 2 of them and was extremely pleased with herself.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

wow, 4-leaf clovers used to be rare and considered good luck. for you to find so many and on top of that, a 5-leaf is quite interesting.

in one of my side beds, i've never been able to eradicate the clover, and believe me i try. it's not outrageous, there's always a patch. i've forgotten until i read your post, that i should be LOOKING!~~ i'm still going to get rid of it though :-)


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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

My brother-in-law's girlfriend was here for a campfire cookout last week and found a few 5 and 6 leaf clovers in our yard. It doesn't seem to matter where she goes, she finds them. I had never heard of such a thing but she said that she finds them all the time!

I guess if we all open our eyes to the little things in life, we'll find the simple pleasures that we've been missing.

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My brother used to be able to do that too with relative ease.

Now my 11yr. old son is doing the same thing. He just goes out into the yard and comes back with a handful of 4 leaf clovers. Its interesting.


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matriarchy(6 in PA)

I used to pull out the clover - but now I am worried about the honey bee population, so I leave it in to attract them to pollinate in my garden, like bee candy. LOL

I could use some luck - I am going to go look right now!


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