off to a good start

bettycbowen(7)May 13, 2012

Hello everybody, I have to show off these pictures I took today. The tomatoes are (either - I got them mixed up) Early Girl or Jet Star. Planted in a pot in Feb and then in the ground March 13. I am NOT this good at tomatoes, it is a total surprise. We've already had some yellow cherry tomatoes too. Wow that first one of the year tastes good!

this is the second batch of bluebirds, the lilies were on a cart on their way to the dumpster at Wal Mart last summer and I got them for next to nothing, and this nice caterpillar has been eating milkweed for a few days now. At one point I saw three, but can't find the other two.

One more week of school!

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Wow, Betty! Great photos of your plants, eggs, and Monarch caterpillar! The other caterpillars may have wandered off to shed their skin or pupate - this one looks large enough to be a final instar. Or - gasp - a predator got them. I choose to think it was one of the first options.

Love your tomatos - I'm getting hungry!

Do you know what lily variety that is? It's an asiatic, right? Beautiful!

I don't get to see bluebirds in the city, darn it! I think they are so pretty and cute!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


It all looks good. I especially love seeing the nest of eggs. We have bluebirds around, but they don't nest close to our house because we have kitties. They do come sit on the fence and sing and eat bugs and such.

The first tomato of the season always is yummy, and it just keeps getting better and better after that first one. I think it is going to be an epic tomato year if weather disaster of one kind or another doesn't hit our gardens.


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Great pics! I bet that lily smells delightful.

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Awesome pics!!! are they eggs of eastern blue birds?

Eastern bluebirds are our regular guests since 2008, they are seems to busy in building nests. I have five bird houses in the backyard garden for them. This time house sparrow have taken two of their homes before bluebirds arrived. Indeed they have been fighting for the home since then.

We have another unwanted but regular visitor to our front porch are the barn swallows. They build their buddy nest just above the main door entrance. I tried them to build on windows or other places around the house, but every year they are not listening to me. This year I destroyed their unfinished nest tree times, but but no luck. They build it again so fast and laid eggs before I noticed. So I have wait for them to make their babies and leave. Same thing happened last year. I need to find better way to make them to move to other place next year.

Hummers are back, but visiting feeder not frequently. I hardly I see couple times last weekend. I guess they might have plenty of natural food around. I am sure they will swarm out feeder in late summer through fall.

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