Best garden store in York/Dover area

yummykazJune 1, 2008

I will be visiting daughter in Dover in a few weeks. Can you tell me some good garden stores.looking for stores that are independent, not big box and would have heirloom veggie transplants. Thanks Becki

Here is a link that might be useful: In my backyard

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Farrells' nursery on route 74 in Dover is a very nice nursery. Also there are several stores called Stauffer's of Kissel Hill that have wonderful plants. I believe there is one on route 74 as well. That is the main drag in Dover. Have fun in York County & don't miss lancaster County! It is more rural, very quaint & absolutely beautiful right now!

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Going North from York on 74, Stauffer's used to be a bit South of the center of Dover, on the right if headed from York, and is probably still there--whereas Farrell's is somewhat North of the center, also on the right. If you find yourself going up a steep hill, you missed it.

(If you feel really adventurous, though, you might want to try to get to Ashcombe's in Cumberland county--if you continue on straight North on 74 and then straight up to Dillsburg (go straight, don't turn off where 74 veers to the left, it's longer, although a nicer ride), get onto 83 North and stop off at both Ashcombe's and the erstwhile Country-Market-Now-Stauffer's, both of which are about halfway to Camp Hill. I can't remember the name of the road I use to get off, but they should both have websites.)

There should also be a Stauffer's going out toward or a bit past Hellam on the right that has been there for quite awhile, and they always seemed to have more of a selection of the old-timey kind of plants...and there is a smaller garden shop that used to be rather nice on north George Street Extd., just before you get to the Strinestown I-83 connector, I think.

I think you will be able to find heirloom tomato plants at most of the locations mentioned (especially Ashcombes); not as sure about other veggies. I haven't been to the York locations for several years.

There are independent growers that at times set up shop South of York; driving down that way is pretty, and you might find some far down there in the more rural areas, too.

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I saw some Brandywine Tomato Plants (I don't know if these are heirloom) at Brown's Market in Loganville. i-83 south to exit 10. Stay right off of ramp. Go to Stop Sign, turn left onto Main St and travel until you see it on the right at the town border.

They have lots of plants there, but mostly I buy their produce. Yummy.

Barbara in Loganville.

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There is a really nice nursery in the Dallastown Red Lion area. Of course, I can't think of the name, but I believe it's "John BLANK's nursery and garden center" If you do a yellow pages or google search you'll find it.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

blutarski - John Shelley's Garden Center
They do have a nice selection. A cut above the standard "local garden center", many of which will probably not be around after 10 more years of big-box domination.

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