so the weather we've been having is NOT normal right?

leucomelas(pittsburgh)June 6, 2005

I just moved to Pittsburgh a year ago and I tried growing sweet peas (lathyrus odoratus). I used to live in Baltimore and was able to usually get these guys to start flowering around Early-Mid may. So I had about a month before they crumped under hot weather.

This year, I planted my sweet peas in pots out in march. They are just coming into bloom now. I'm thinking I have a week and the 90 degree weather is just upon us.

Someone please tell me that this is not normal and that normally we have a more temperate period. I LIVE for sweet peas.


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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

Okay. This is not normal. Normally we have a more temperate period.

Okay, you believe me right? Actually, this was an unusually cool and damp spring. And last summer was really unusual in that we had only one 90 degree day all year.

I think I can say that you'll find the weather here much less predictable than Philly. Too far from the ocean for that wonderful moderating influence.

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

90-ish year round for our highs would be great!!!!

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Our spring this yr. was terrible, cool & rainy. Usually in May we start to see temps in 70's & 80's. Not this yr. But finally in June, we are having good garden weather. When it doesn't rain for while, I water the heck out of my garden though. HOpe you enjoy our pittsbugh weather!!

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I don't know if the words "normal" and "Pittsburgh weather" should ever really be used in the same sentence. :)

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Normal is whatever you get. Not uniform is normal in PA.

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