little tomatoes

helenh(z6 SW MO)August 9, 2012

I have plenty of big tomatoes for me, but I give them away and all I have is little ones. I have twenty or thirty little ones for every big one. I planted several kinds of big tomatoes but the only ones I'm getting are Mule Team and Cherokee Purple and another medium one that might be Break o Day but the label is under a jungle. The Pale Perfect Purple medium sized tomatoes produced very well but they are done. There was a mislabeled tomato a yellow large cherry or a little bigger that I didn't think tasted that great but it is loaded and keeps putting on new tomatoes non stop. Siberian an early tomato is also still going like mad. It has been a struggle keeping cucumbers. I don't make pickles. All I want is a cucumber once in a while in a salad or sliced with onions. I have squash bugs that I battle. If I spray, I pick off all cucumbers and wait for new ones to form that haven't been sprayed. I don't have anything else in the garden but I do have a supply of candy onions in the basement. My friend says they are like eating an apple not like store onions so thanks Glenda (I think) for tip on that variety.

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I never planted onions this year and I wish I had. The only nice onions I ever raised were the Candy and the Super Star. Candy keeps better. Enjoy them!

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