Four O'Clocks are finally blooming

gldno1August 9, 2009

I was so thrilled. I just have two plants and they are blooming. I must remember to check them late in the day.

This is a picture of one of the blooms I took this morning.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Now you will have them forever and that is good. I did not always appreciate them. The ones I have are tall and they are on the edges of my yard. I would not let them grow with day lilies, baloon flower or other perennials that can be smothered. Where they shine is in places that need a tough plant that you don't have to baby. Mine can compete with poke. They smell good in the evening and now that every thing is starting to look ratty- monarda, day lilies, phlox are all past their best- they are doing great. I lived in San Diego as a kid and these grew along the side of the road with no care. It doesn't rain there.

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I can't get any smell from mine. I hate that.

I probably have these two in the wrong place. Should I just leave them in the ground?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

You can control two. It is the seedlings that you will have to watch. I can't always smell mine. They smell at night and the fragrance is more noticeable in certain weather. Also I have lots of them.

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If you leave them until the frost kills them an then just cut them off at the ground. they will reseed them selves. If you want some in a different area then you can move some of the seed to that area now or next spring. They are tough seeds so they make it as long as you just toss them on top of the soil where you want them. If you bury them sometimes they rot if we have too wet of a spring.
I notice the smell of mine more when it is damp in the morning.
I have mine on the west end of the house. So they are in the shade in early a.m. an then sun the rest of the day. They seem to stay open longer in the morning if in the early shade. but in order for them to get big an bushy they like sun. Once they get going the tap root is so deep I don't hardly have to water them.
I have a few in way too much shade an they really don't bloom very well or get very big. I need to pull them up next spring and not let them grow there.
Ok I'm done adding my 2 cents. lol

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Thanks Bonnie. Maybe I buried the seeds too deep before.

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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

Thanks for posting the info...For an annual that seems so easy to grow I too have always had trouble growing these and this year they made it. I have yellow and a rose color and just love them. I'll just let the seeds fall and see what comes up next year.

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