owiebrain re chard

PunkinHeadJones(7)May 28, 2011

Bacon!! Even the most lothsome vegitable or person is agreeable once slathered in pig fat/meat.

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owiebrain(5 MO)

Ewwww! LOL I don't even like bacon. Shh... I'll never admit it aloud in a BLT-loving forum but, no, I don't like bacon. I tolerate turkey bacon but only for the sake of tomatoes. ;-)


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I got a laugh out of this and had to read it to DW. She is a Seventh Day Adventist and wont have anything to do with pork. I tell her if God did not intend for you to eat a pig, He would not have made them taste so good. Me and ole Herc (our dog) sinned really big today while DW was gone. WE ate bacon till we smelled like a pig.


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I probably don't eat as much meat as most people, especially in the summer, but I love bacon, and I would never want to eliminate meat from my diet.

I like the quote by Julia Child when she said, "The only time to eat diet food is while you are waiting for the steak to cook".

All those veggies taste really good when you know there is a steak or pork chop to follow. Carol

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