Problem with zucchini plants.....

my3spotsJune 18, 2006

I am wondering if anyone can help me.

I have 6 zucchini plants in my garden that are all of the sudden losing the pigment in thier leaves. The leaves look ok otherwise, just losing thier color. Not dusty, or powdery. Just loss of color. Then, the bottom most leaves are browning and the edges are curling.

At first I thought it was powdery mildew, but I have that on my bee balm and it does not look the same.

Again, only the lowest leaves, so far, are browning. The top leaves look great! Just losing pigment.

What is this? Anything I can do?

Any help is appreciated.

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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

Were these grown from seed sowed in the garden, or did you transplant them? It almost sounds like they are getting sun shock from being raised indoors and can't handle the strong rays. The other question is about watering. I know I haven't gotten any rain in my area lately, and have had to supplement water for anything recently planted.

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Only one was grown from seed and it seems fine. We tried seeds at first, but only one came up, so we bought plants and transplanted.
Aside from ALL the rain we got in May, I have been watering them about once every 3 the evening, after the sun is not so hot. Could that be the problem? Watering too late?
To me, the plants themselves look great!! Aside from this discoloration. But my neighbor, this is a co-owned garden, is having a fit about it.
They have been in the ground since....oh, trying to remember, (neighbor has it written down), I will say mid May.
I really appreciate any help or advise you can offer. He is just worried that it is some sort of funky disease and is getting discouraged! (already!)

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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

I can't say if watering is the problem or not, BUT
I try to water in the morning before the sun comes up to lessen the chance of having them moist all night due to a fungal threat. When you water every three days is it a good soaking or just a lil' bit. You'd prolly be better off giving it a good soaking at the base of the plant once a week then a lot throughout the week. Sorry I can't be any more help.

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Are you kidding? You have been a tremendous help!! Thank you so much for all the info!!! Now I know where to come when I need help!!!!
Thank you so much!

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hi, my sister is in z8 (california), and she is having major problems w/her zucchini, which are planted in containers. Her soil is mostly clay, but she ammended w/a good potting soil. The plants are growing, but the foliage grows out yellow-green instead of a darker green, and just look sickly. After a while, the leaves turn brown & curl up. It's been around 80 degrees every day, so she waters daily. Does anyone know what this might be???

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