no flora here!

sweetwm007(6 b)August 6, 2008

don't get into trouble here.


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Willam, where is that at? I can't see the sign very well. When I clicked on it. they asked me to merge my photo id with...
Any way. I asked where because.
When I was growing up. there was a tiny one cell w/bench type thing w/bars on the one window and a bar type door, all of this was made from concrete. It was in Goodman. As well as an old hotel that brought to mind a saloon type place.
they have been long torn down. But I can remember looking "in" those when I was very young.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

flippin,ar. dated 1936.

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Is that near you willam?
Or were you just out for a road trip. lol

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Bonnie Did you have tuna fish sandwiches and cherry docs at the drug store? Did you go to the Dairy Ann? Did you get in trouble for climbing the water tower?

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Now that is one classy looking hoosegow!
Looks like a torture chamber. Bet all of the transients beat a hasty retreat out of town, after getting a look at the free accommodations. In those days, during the Great Depression, you could be arrested for vagrancy, unless you lived in the area or could produce some money to attest to your worthiness and during those hard times, very few people had money in their pockets.

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Well hellen, I was maybe 12 when that happened. But we did have a drug store on main. It was fun to go get snow-cones. I do remember thinking I had become a "big" girl when a teenage friend of our family took me with her one afternoon. I can still remember getting to sit in the booth and ordering ff's and shake. Wow that was awhile ago.
Yes I got into trouble doing silly things just like everyone else.
I had a bike, schwinn purple w/banana seat and sissy bar. Hey when you are early pre teen that was style in our town.
Was safe to ride all over town and go to the creek. Never a problem.
I would never let my grandchildren do that now days. Sad really.
Oh what a minute are we going to play I remember when??? I will have to start a new thread I suppose. lol
Rb, I'm not sure we should all go to see this at once. They may get the idea we are a lot of crazy gardeners. lol.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

The drug stores then had fans and were cool with a nice smell. I don't know what that pleasant smell was but they all had it. It wasn't the water tower it was the fire tower outside of Goodman. Kids on dates would circle the grounds just cruising. My boyfriend got a ticket for vandalism for driving on the grass and spotlighting game. He had a spotlight on his car and he was shining it around - just kids not hurting anyone. No gun to hunt game, but they were trying to discourage kids from going there. I don't think the Goodman jail was as fancy as Williams. It was no longer used at the time of our crime.

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Helen do you remember the old jail and hotel from Goodman. they sat right across the street from where the bank is now.
I always thought the smell was malt and vanilla. Seemed to hang in the air after they used it. Funny how different this remind us of things. Smells and sounds. I always did like to hear all the different church bells going off all over town and a Sunday morning. Lay there w/window open and smell the honeysuckle out side my window and just enjoy the start of a new day.
I climbed that fire tower too. Didn't get caught though. Hee Hee.
I think I would pay a good dollar for a peanut butter crunch bar by wonka.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I lived in the country, but I went to school in Goodman when I was in high school. They let us go at lunch; we used to walk to Main Street and eat at Parker's Drug Store. You could get one half tuna salad sandwich, small bag of chips and a small cherry Dr. for pretty cheap. That was what my friends ordered. We had it every day. There was a furniture store in the old hotel.

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