wild garden

helenh(z6 SW MO)August 20, 2013

The lavender crepe myrtle is a seedling that popped up by itself. Sun Coleus never disappoint me. Mine is in a big pot otherwise I would have to water often. Bugs don't usually like them; all they want is water and good potting mix. The tall grass is from the Master Gardeners' sale it is giant reed grass. Where it is it won't hurt if it takes over.

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Your wild garden looks better than most of my 'maintained' and I use that word loosely, ones!

I like the Sun Coleus too. Yours is a particularly good color.

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Looks great Helen! How tall do think that grass is? I have Zebra grass and get very lazy about cutting it back in the spring like I should.
It was a busy summer for me with family in the hospital and other things going on and my flowers are all having to share space with weeds. My whole yard has a wild look. I don't worry too much about getting behind except for the Japanese Honeysuckle that I can't seem to get rid of even when I take the time to dig it all out. I can't imagine how bad that's going to be next year since I let it go this summer and pulled out very little.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have given up on J honeysuckle and have decided to just enjoy the smell. There is one area where I planted some small crepe myrtles that I want to clear of it. Right now I have clematis blooming and very fragrant. I hate it and pull it out but now that it is blooming I am letting it go. It is worse than the honeysuckle in my opinion. After it blooms I will be pulling it again because there will be a billion seeds. I actually moved blister beetle on to it last month but they didn't eat enough of it. The gray blister beetles love it.

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