dipladenia red riding hood

jspeachyn5August 13, 2008

Have any of you over winter this plant?

this is another one that I purchased this year.

I think I may need to dig and bring this one in too.

I had the idea I could keep it in the ground since it is a vine, guess not.

would I need to cut it back?

this sort of thing makes me wish I had the "web" for this forum handy before I buy plants. lol. I know I would think what ever I wanted would be gone before I went back to get it.


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Bonnie, I had to look this one up....also known as mandevilla which I had heard of.

I have never had one but love them. A lady has one on her front porch rail that I enjoy every time we go to Ash Grove.

I found this information on them on Dave'
s Garden website. You might check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: mandevilla/dipladenia redriding hood

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I kept a mandevilla for years by cutting it back to about 12 inches tall every year before frost and bringing it in for the winter. I kept mine near a south window and had to pinch it back occasionally to keep it from climbing to the ceiling before I could move it back out again in the spring. I planted mine in the ground the first year and then just kept it in a big pot after that so it would be easier to move.
There's sooo many plants that can be brought in for the winter like that. I wish I had a big sunroom to keep them in over winter.

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thanks' everyone.
I will just keep it in a pot from now on.
Christie does it like to be root crowded in the pot or plenty of room? My corn plant likes to crowded.

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Mine was in the same 3 or 4 gallon pot (I'm guessing) the whole time I had it. It bloomed every summer but it might have done better if I repotted it once in awhile or something. Warning - I'm not good with houseplants. It looked the best the first year when it was in the ground but I was too lazy to plant it and dig it up again every year.

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