Preparing for Winter

ceresone(missouri ozarks)August 26, 2007

So, to try to get a conversation going--What all have you done for winter so far?

We have about 5 rank of wood--20 rank short. No Hay yet.

But, I've canned and have in the freezer--6 quarts beef roast, 6 quarts chicken, 7 quarts chicken soup (just started on these.)

4 pint pineapple, green beans 20 qts. black-eyes peas 4 pint black beans 7 pint, tomato sause 12 pints(lots left over) apples 3 qt. pickles 27 qt, 10 pt, sauerkraut 3 qt. mixed veg 9 qt, veg soup 12 qt, tomatoes 15 qt,2 pt,

peas 4 pt, grapes 7 pt, 12 qt green beans and potatoes. 4 succotash, 12 limas, 12 kidney beans.

12 bags shredded cabbage, 12 qt cole slaw (freezer) 14 bags spinach, 14 bags noodles--and more if I could just remember!!

So--how has your summer rushed by?

Have to be done before sept 5--surgery day!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

cersone,I can't even imagine how you've done as much as you've done with your hand and other problems. But are'nt you proud.
It's several years too late but i did'nt know you could freeze raw cabbage. I've got to know how you did it.
Alas, no canning or freezing here. I do need to start laying in bought supplies for winter, when we may not be able to get off our road. I try to keep frozen bread,extra flour,shortning etc.
I have enough candles and lamp oil to last 20 yrs.
I have'nt worked on my iris yet, it's been too hot and dry tho we did get a good shower Saturday.

I had to give up on adopting another dog, figured up the cost and could'nt afford all the things such a dog would need,vet costs and medicines,tests and other costs for another dog.
I feel bad but i just could'nt.

My redbud leaves are turning yellow. Am afraid i lost another dogwood this year. It seems to be young trees that are dieing the old trees just keep hanging in there.

Have decided to grow 2 tomato plants in two of my big planters next spring.

Have to start feeding birds and squirrels sunflowerseeds and suet so they can build up some fat for winter. All our woods will mulch my flowers naturally.

I'll need to bring in my Christmas cactus and put it in a dark place for about a month than set it in the sun so it'll bloom later.

Am looking forward to the fall colors and cooler weather.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Hope your surgery goes well. I'll be thinking of you and praying too

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Last year's ice storm will encourage me to be more prepared for winter for many years. We kept our generator and kerosene heater even though they take up a lot of space in our garage. Do you store extra kerosene and gasoline? That makes me a little nervous having flammables around but we found out they're hard to find when you need them most.
Del monte does most of my canning for me I'm ashamed to say. You amaze me Ceresone. Maybe next year. I miss having fresh watermelon in the winter. Does anyone freeze that? Is it any good?
I still have a poinsettia from last Christmas. I don't think I've ever kept one alive this long. I re-potted it into a larger container over the summer and it's leafy and healthy looking sitting in the shade in my back yard. I need to research how to get them to color up again. Has anyone been successful at that?
I have several plants I'd like to winter over in my garage so I can enjoy them again next year. I need a bigger garage.

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You must feel good to have so much laid by (as my Grandmother used to say). I have frozen green beans, spinach, wild greens and sweet corn. Once again, my tomatoes didn't do well....I may have mentioned that once (or ten times). Must change location next year.

We still have about two cords of wood left from winter ice storm so will burn that before ordering more propane. I have preordered from MFA before, but don't think I am gaining anything except letting them use my $1000 free of charge. We installed an automatic propane generator so we should be relatively safe during power outtages. It is supposed to be big enough to run everything on the farm.

DH is still clipping fields before the seeds drop. I have been cleaning out flower beds of the dead plants. I still have some chain saw work to do. The yews around the house have so many dead branches, we have decided to just cut them down; they are too large anyway. Also lost a few other shrubs and small saplings that just aren't going to come back so will eliminate them. Lots of this work will wait until cooler weather.

We don't have enough hay but are hoping for a good fall growing season and might squeak by until snow cover with stockpiled grasses.

Good luck with your surgery; now maybe you can take it easier this winter!

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Doggone it--I'd typed a big long reply, then had to look up a spelling--and lost it all!! Anyhow, I do have flowers not just vegetables--LOL-- Glenda, I was telling you I had lost a large lilac bush, and a variageted WEGALIA(?) thats the word I looked up--and forgot already! I think from the drought and heat.
Few years ago, over about 3 years, my sis and I ordered so many iris--I love the plicated ones. As a bonus, they sent me a new $100. iris--I lost it the first month. I've had lots of the large cup daffodils, like especially the pink, but I think my big problem is this smothering BERMUDA GRASS!! Need to trim back the mock orange, and guess cut down the corkscrew willow, its been declining for several years.
Vivki, according to Ball Blue Book, you can shred cabbage, or cut in wedges, blanch, cool and freeze. I tried it because my freezer slaw turned out so good.
2#cabbage, 1 large green pepper, 3 large carrots, shredded together, annd 3/4 C. chopped onion. sprinkle with 1t salt, let sit 1 hour, drain well.
Mix 2 C. sugar,1 t dry mustard, 1 t celery seed

1 C. vinegar, 1/3 C. water, boil 3 min. cool, pour over cabbage mix, let stand 5 min. pack and freeze. I really like it.
the inch of rain revived most of my tomatoes, and cucumbers hanging on. limas blooming heavy, but not many pods.
trying to get chicken house, and corral lot cleaned out and put on the garden.
and outside of mowing out the center of our tame blackberries, thats been it--for today anyhow.
William, how are your tomatoes doing?not special as far as taste, but the black russian is still 'crankin out the tomatoes.
Does it seem fall is coming on fast? faster than in did when you were younger?

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sweetwm007(6 b)

ceresone- you crack me up. you are a beehive of activity!

tomatoes are about finished. the winners for me were aunt gertie's gold, sungold and silvery fir tree. not a great yr but you get what you get.

started my tomato list for next yr and am short a couple of varieties. plenty of time to order.

i had "tobacco worm" pole beans this year and they were excellent.

good luck with your next operation!

william- trying to do it in yellville!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Thanks for the instructions and receipe. I'm tempted to go buy a couple heads of cabbage and try them.

I have a gasoline powered generator and i keep extra gas on hand but i hate the noisy thing even if it's in shed and wont use it unless power is off for several days or more. Freezer is on porch in cold temps.frig stuff can go in coolers with ice.I can live without tv. The only thing i have withdrawal symptoms from is computer.Cookstove and winter heat is propane.

gld, YOU use a chain saw, now that is awesome!!!
We have pioneer type ladies in the ozarks, WOW

I've seen poinsettias that rebloomed but don't know what if anything extra was done to them.

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vickie, there isn't much on the farm that I can't and don't do. I love using the saw, but would really like a smaller one. Holding this up high to trim is a bit heavy. I build fence, brush hog, pull calves, give the shots to the cattle, do some carpentry, a bit of plumbing, some is a matter of self defense. My husband used to travel.

I have plans to wire the chicken house before winter...forgot that little job.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Gldo, you sound like me--hubby was on the road for 21 years, you learn to do about everything on the farm.
my SIL bought me a little Poulan for Christmas last year, but the problem is that its too hard to start--wondering if they make a electric start chainsaw?
And, its a good thing I can, Hubbys confusion getting worse by the day.
William, how did your watering system work?
Would like to have a generator too--but I really do like it without electricity--the house gets quiet, I light the kerosene lamps--it feels like my heart calms down and relaxes--if you know what I mean.
Best to everyone...

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