Fall Garden?

christie_sw_mo(Z6)August 9, 2012

Is anyone planting for fall? I think the rain has put me in a gardening mood again but it may be too late.

Dirtguy was it you that mentioned in another thread that you put out some veggies?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have been thinking about planting lettuce. It is funny how I go from deep depression about gardening and a little rain gets me out of it immediately. Also I was wondering if stressed tomatoes that never really got started before the heat and drought hit could be pampered and set fruit. I think the big slow ones would not get ripe so I am thinking of dumping some compost on my Pale Perfect Purple branches. If they root, I'm thinking they might flower and produce fruit. The PPP was planted very early and was loaded with tomatoes. It has long tough old stems with green lush foliage on the ends. I have been thinking about this all morning but have done nothing but eat bacon and tomato sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. I am not sick of tomatoes yet. I sliced a big Cherokee Purple.

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)

Yeah Christie, that was me. I put out some 90 day brussel sprout seeds in the ground a couple weeks ago and have some shade cloth over them. They are a couple inches high right now. I planted carrots, beets, bush beans, and onions Monday evening and have to really watch them from drying out in this miserable heat. Maybe a few cooler days are in store for us. I have more shade cloth to cover them. The heat may just cook the seeds, so we will see.

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It's still to dry here to start planting much. And it is still August, we might get some more heat, yet. We haven't had enough rain to count for anything but at least it's cooler.

That being said, I am placing a hosta order this week. I've decided that I'm planting them in the fall this year. Most of the stuff I planted in the spring died or went dormant this summer. Things I planted last fall did much better through the drought.

And more sedums and grasses. If we have a repeat of this year, next summer, I intend to be ready for it.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Earlier I was trying to make a mental list of things that take this weather. Crepe myrtles, ornamental grasses, vitex, four o clocks, orange butterfly weed, gold juniper in a pot, Russian sage and another sage were some. They didn't look good but they looked better than others. I am not planting much but lettuce wouldn't be a gamble I have lots of seed. I would like to try rye for a ground cover in fall but not sure where to get seed and what kind of seed. I know there are different kinds of rye.

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