chrysalis buried in dirt

dawnbrn(6-PA)July 17, 2008

I found a 3-4 inch long, fat reddish brown chrysalis like thing in a niche in the dirt under a wooden pallet. The area is dark, shady and moist. This reminds me of a cocktail weiner. There is a stem like thing on one end, like it would maybe hang from. It seemed to be perfectly burrowed into a notch on the top of the dirt, just it's body size. You can see that it will have wings and at the end is the very fat segmented reddish brown caterpiller like body that moves and wriggles around. Any ideas what this is? Sorry, digital camera isn't working right now. Thanks!

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Maybe tomato hornworm ?

Here is a link that might be useful: click here

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

YOu can probably put the chrysalis in a cointainer to see what emerges. I have seen similar chrysalises (chrysali?) but don't know what they turn into.

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Thanks! It looks like it is a tomato hornworm or tobacco hornworm. Odd though because it was found nowhere near a garden. Thanks for the help! I'm gonna keep it and see what does emerge. I figured it should have emerged already by this time of year.

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