The Worst Devil Bug--The Tick

chescobob(z6b SEPA)July 9, 2005

Has anyone noticed an increase in ticks this year? I have found 4 in the house so far this year. I did not nitice any last year.

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I haven't found any this year (knock on wood) even though I've taken more than one walk through very tall grass & wildflowers and was paranoid about them (one of the few things that make me squeamish)....

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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

There have been more in Gettysburg than I have ever seen before. They actually will drop down on you from the trees.

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elongrad97(z6 PA)

I've been on antiniotics for Lyme disease for 2 years now. Arm yourself with bug spray. If you get bitten on the scalp, it will be almost impossible to know that you did and the symptoms are not fun. Oftentimes people are misdiagnosed because Lyme mimicks other diseases like MS. Only 40% of people bitten get a bull's eye rash. If ticks are falling from the trees, please be very careful. A Lyme titer test is often inconclusive, even though the reading may come back as negative. This is because Lyme doesn't show up in your bloodwork until weeks or YEARS later. If you think you have Lyme, ask for a Western Blot in addition to the titer and DEMAND that you begin Lyme treatment right away (don't wait for the results). Do not treat for any LESS than 30 days. 2 week treatments don't kill a bacteria that multiples once every 4 weeks (step multiplies every second).

Sorry to preach, but here in Chester County, it is an epidemic. I'd wish Lyme on no one.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)


Sorry to hear you are infected and thanks for the information. I just picked a tick off of me tonight. It was looking for a spot to feed. That makes 5 this year.

I'm going to spray areas of the yard facing my woods. Last year, I did not notice any ticks. This is getting ridiculous. All I did tonight was spray some shrubs with water that are waiting to be planted.

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Yes I live near Gettysburg I found 3.I got bit last year it left a welt on my back for about 2 months .The dr put me on antibiotics

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elongrad97(z6 PA)

Just after I made my last post, I took "Charley Horse" (that's his name, believe it or not) out on a trail ride. When we came back in, I found at least 5-8 ticks on his legs. And those were only the bigs ones which don't carry Lyme! The little ones, the size of a freckle or less, are the ones to worry about. I was so creeped out after that ride. We often have to duck under low hanging tree branches and cross unmowed fields on our little treks. I was sure I would pick kup a tick or two, but I never saw anything...which is more frightening, I guess!

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