Waiting on a tomato report?

ceresone(missouri ozarks)August 3, 2007

Well, about all I can tell you is that I'm waiting too!!

I do know I will plant very few Heirloom Tomatoes from now on.I understand everyone is having slow ripening, but this is ridiculous! I have 10--12' tall vines, loads of HUGE tomatoes, and very few ripe!

I'll geve a report on what I know so far

Purple Russian? I may not even save my packet of leftover seeds! Looks like a rotten roma, tastes like its going bad, and looks terrible mixed in other tomatoes.

Big Rainbow?, cant tell the difference in looks or taste in Old German, or Mr.Stripey, However does have a fresh, tangy, sweet taste--Will keep.

Ananas Noir? Best find of years for us--taste hard to describe, sweet with a taste of citrus, description says, probably right. Will forever be in my garden.

Viva Italiana? loaded, just a fancier name for Roma.

Almost 80 other varities--and all still green--and its August.

Turtles and Armadillos are fat, Ananas Noir is so good I've been known to take half a tomato away from a turtle! Lima Beans are refusing to fill out too.

And here I'm wanting to wind up the canning before right hand surgery next month!!

Next year, with the exception of the few I mentioned, I'm going back to hybred canning tomatoes.--And I'm going to check carefully the maturity dates on everything I plant.

Back to making egg noodles while eggs are plentiful, and storing them in the freezer.

Everyone take care in the heat thats moving into the Ozarks...


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Ceresone! Glad to see you post. I thought the ticks and mosquitoes might have gotten you.
Thanks for the tomato report. Hope you can get most of your canning done before your next surgery. Those tomatoes better hurry. It certainly FEELS warm enough for them to ripen. Yesterday was awful.

You make your own egg noodles? I tried only once making my own noodles and they weren't very good. I must not have had a good recipe or just didn't know what I was doing.

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ceresone, glad you checked in. The only purple I ever tried was Pruden's Purple, touted to be so delicious, it was soft, mushy and not tasty at all....just pitched them.

I know most of the heirlooms say 80 to 85 days so I always plant some early ones. I think you may have a point in using the hybrids for a main crop and just a few of heirlooms for better taste.

Sure hope yours ripen soon. Looks like as early as you got them in they should be ripened by now! From May 10 until August 4 is 86 days. This has been a very strange gardening and growing year.

I have a really good way to use up those extra eggs too....pound cake! If my chickens finally get to that laying point again, I am going to do the egg noodles..never thought of that (and, of course, pound cake!).

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sweetwm007(6 b)

ceresone- sounds like a lot of frustration! with 4-5000 tomato varieties to chose from, there is a lot ot do. hope things go better for you in the next couple of weeks.


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oakleif(z6 AR)

Ceresone, so glad you checked in. Can't beleive you stole a tomato away from a poor ole turtle, he'll probably be traumitized the rest of his life.LOL
Your tomatoes should ripen fast with this hot weather now.
Hope you get everything done before your surgery. If you're able let us know how things go after your surgery.

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