What New or New to You For Spring?

sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)January 13, 2007

Just wondering what new varieties or new to you passies , everyone will be growing this year? I have been looking over the sites and getting the wish list together lol. I think I want a white one this year maybe White Wedding? Anyone tried it? Also have ordered some new pink ones.

Last year I grew Belotti, Incarnata, Caerulea, Lady margaret, vitrifolia, yellow edulis, Jeannette, sunburst,I have a seedling from last spring, that is just getting to the vining stage of p_ruby glow (hoping to see that flower this year) Alot of reds and purples, so this year I want pink lol.



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chena(z8 Texas)

I am pretty new to passi's from seed I have a quadrangularis that I started fron seed at the end of summer.. It is growing well and I hope to get a flower this summer.. I have also aquired seed
for Passiflora aurantia and Passiflora trifasciata.. I hope get started soon...Any tips would be welcome...LOL..
Thanks to Kathryn for her offer of cuttings and to Jayme for a very generous seed offer....

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jblaschke(8b TX)

My wants far outstrip my means! I'll most likely get a couple of new plants this spring, but what they'll be, I have only a vague idea thus far. I do have seed for p. alata and p. mollissima coming my way via trade. Not sure if either of those will do well in my climate (specifically, August) but we'll see. :-)

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Hi chena and jbaschke, Chena welcome to passifloras! I know you will love them as much as I do. They are so beautiful and unusual. I am trying to get more scented ones because they smell wonderful like super sweet sweettarts lol!
Maybe later in the season we can all swap cuttings if you like to start them. It has actually been freezing or close to freezing lately here now.
Most cuttings aren't too hard to get going. Sunburst I have started in water and would probably do well with the bucket of brugs method! Sunburst does have a yucky smell- like smashed lacewings.
For starting seed I have had the best luck soaking them for a few days (some people soak them in an acidic juice) then plant on a heat mat and cycle temps like you do bananas. I have had fairly good luck getting seeds to sprout. Last year I started yellow edulis, incarnata, p_alata, and mollissima from seed. They all germinated great except p.alata which I only got one seed out of 3 to germinate and that one took awhile. They are notoriously slow so I am glad I got my one:) Mollissima all germinated but then my kittens got to them so they were toast grr. I got a few more seeds of those this year and will try again. The incarnata and edulis are doing well.
I forgot that I also grew Lavender Lady last year as well. It bloomed most of the summer and fall for me.

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chena(z8 Texas)

I am really looking forward to getting some started.. I think they will be a wonderful addition to our gardens..
We had Passi's when I was a kid.. I can remember my mom wanting those @%#$& things out of here... they were quite the bully in her beds...LOL I have my eye on an Adularia.. Is that something you grow???

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

No I don't have the Adularia. That is related to the citrina I think. Had to look it up lol. Pretty cool -I wonder what it smells like? Some passies will reseed and be quite pesty kind of like weeds (like incarnata aka maypop) even in cooler areas. Most of the ones I have are the ones I mentioned along with 4 new varieties (3 pink and 1 white) I have ordered so far. I am also ordering some malformis seeds and currently germinating mollissima~we'll see what happens with those lol. I keep most of mine in large pots with a 6 ft. bamboo tripod laced with fishing line for the tendrils to climb on. I put these against a fence or larger trellis during spring, summer, and fall. So they can climb to their hearts content. In winter I just cut back to the bamboo tripod and put the pots in the garage, house or what ever.. Makes it easier and I havent lost many plants that way.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Maypop is what we had as kids.. Jayme just sent me some seed for it..BTW!!! THANKS Jayme...We have alot of area I can plant it and encourage it to be invasive..so I am very happy to have it...
I did just recieve a new plant today...Passiflora loefgrenii "Corupa"..I got it off ebay it is an absolutly beautiful plant.. The lady I bought it from has really lush and healthy plants... I still have a yellow one coming..Now all I need is some warm weather...LOL Come on spring..
~SJN ..Thanks for the tips you have given me plenty of
ideas.. I was undecided about planting them in the ground or pots..I'm leaning to pots...

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chena(z8 Texas)

WOO HOO!!! Got a Passiflora lutea today... I have some seed coming and a BIG list of wishes...LOL

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