My Ornamental Grasses

gldno1August 14, 2008

I finally got a picture showing the red in the red switch grass.

I am loving them, but worry about maintenance after ceresone said she was eliminating hers because of it!

I may hold off on any more....

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I love them. I think you have them in a good place. It looks like you have allowed room for them to grow. At the park, some of the flowers that had already bloomed looked ratty. I think grasses look attractive for a long time. I even like them in the winter. By maintenence does she mean cutting them down in the spring? That could be a chore on the big ones. My friend ties them up and cuts them off at the bottom with hedge clippers.

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Your pics are great.
I have always liked ornamental grasses. How ever, I have way too many spiders now as it is so would be afraid to make an even larger number with all those great places for them to nest.
there is an unkept area connected to my lower lawn area. yep I see LOT"S of them when I mow. I feel like I have them on my legs by the time I'm done. yuck.
So I will just keep admiring everyone else's. :-)

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bunny6(7 AR)

I love your top picture. What is the maintenance of that type of ornamental grass? My grasses get very large then die out in the middle, so I have to cut them down a few inches from the ground and dig them up. I divide up the grass and give it to whom ever I can find that will take it. Dividing grass is a job that I don't like, because the plant is so large. I cut mine down to about a foot high in the spring, and pull out all the dead gass. They are blooming beautifully now. Hope I did not bore you too much.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Mine were in a row, sheilding the walkway from drive, to the front door--in a elevated spot--about 50' long. I had 8 grasses I order from White Flower Farms, 15 years ago. Problem was, I had daylilies I'd ordered--and many varities of Peonies there too--so each year, I had to make sure I cut them back. I,too, tied them up, and used hedge clippers on them. But--the last 3 years, they were bigger around, than say, 2 washtubs?, and took several days to do the job-then, had to remove the tall stems.
I loved the look, especially in the winter, when the big plumes were covered with ice and snow, seeing the little birds using them for slides. (was several bird feeders on the other side).
It just got to be too much maintaince, something had to go--I've applied Round-up 3 times, about to get it. I'd advise anyone planting grasses to plant in a spot where you can either trim easily--or let them go.
LOL, Ann, people on here dont bore easily, They're still listening to me, after all these years.

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ceresone, I hope I don't have mine too close together. I won't put any perennials too close.

Ann, you're not boring anyone.

That's what keeps this forum going....people posting.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Ceresone you sound like me. I plant too many things and if they grow I have a problem. I have about come to the conclusion that daylilies need to be by themselves. They are so easily crowded out by other things. Ann we are all here to pick up information from others about plants. Your experience may help someone.

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bunny6(7 AR)

ceresone and gldno1, thanks for not thinking I was boring. I learn so much from this forum, and I enjoy communicating with people who has the same interest. I learn about plants that I did not even know existed. This is my favorite forum, because I feel comfortable to post here. LOL

I have had my grases for 15 years although I have had to seperate them many times. I never water. I would like to have the red switch grass, so think I will invest in it next spring.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

if i am not mistaken, when i lived in Ga., people burned their grasses back once a yr. killed the bugs and helped control growth i'm thinking.


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Well I'm certainly not bored....ignorance is bliss....and allows for easy entertainment....I agree with Ann, there is alot to learn I'll just keep reading and learning.

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william, that might be a great idea....hope I can remember it!

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