Hardy Passiflora

armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)January 26, 2013

Hey all,
I bought some 'hardy' Passiflora seeds last year.
The only two really hardy ones i saw in catalogs were:
Blue Passionflower and Maypop.
Only got 1 Maypop of 10 seeds to grow, and got 5 Blue ones.

I took in the Blue Passionflower and Maypop in the past few days (its like 11F-15F past week), was pretty surprised the Blue passionflower still had its leaves green, strongly attached, and not withered on the plant. Seems to be more cold hardy than the Maypop for me. Thought Passionflower would have "top growth is killed back by frost, but your Passion Flower will pop back to life in the Spring."... Well we've had a few 25F days before this week and its still loling alive... Mind you its not mulched, and all 5 Blue plants shared a 2gallon pot. So i assume the pot is pretty cold/frozen, yet this thing is still kickin' lol? The Maypop had all its leaves turn yellow and fall off months ago and the vine looks more yellow than green.

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You've got two good plants there but there are alot more out there, equally as hardy as the Blue Crown aka Caerulea. You will also not there are some real pretty hybrids just as hardy.

You can find tons of information here;



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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

Cool thanks for the info Darren, Ill check it out.

PS Can I grow Passiflora indoors by a window? will it still pollinate the flowers and form fruit?

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I'm pretty much new to these plants too. From what I've read here and on the facebook page for passion flowers https://www.facebook.com/groups/passionflowers/

You can grow these plants indoors. I've had a bunch of cuttings growing under lights in my garage. Some of the plant are slower growers and make better indoor plants. I can't speak about these two because I haven't grown them.
They won't bear fruit tho, unless pollinated by hand or little flyin critters. I believe the blue crown will pollinate the maypop but I'm not sure if it works the other way. They will flower indoors without help. Perhaps one of the veterans here will chime in.

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For zone 7a and cooler you are pretty limited as to which passies can grow in the yard year round. Caerulea, incarnata, Incense (an incarnata cross) lutea and some of the caerulea and incarnata crosses. Even those can be killed off during a colder then average winter so I always keep cuttings going in a protected area (inside or the greenhouse). You can keep passies growing indoors but I would recommend a grow light in addition to natural lighting. During the winter you just don't get enough sunlight. You also want to keep the humidity up. I use HID and T5 lights and even then the color of my indoor blooms aren't as vibrant as when blooming outside. Hand pollination is necessary indoors and I often have to hand pollinate some of my outdoor plants as well. You have to make sure that the varieties can pollinate each other. Also many passies are sterile or partially sterile. I agree with Darren you should check out the Facebook passiflora group and PSI (Passiflora Society International)is a great resource as well.

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