P.Amethyst x ????????

ninecrow(England)January 21, 2009

From Dads House in the South of France

The Flowers

The Fruit

The Seedlings

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I'm curious about the variety as well, as it appears to be similar to what I have (NOID).

Took that photo this morning. First bloom of the season this year.


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Ryan I Know That it is Amethyst

I ment what do you think the Seedling will turn out like as I have NO Idea what the Flowers were Pollinated with, Dad Doesn't know either.... Could the Resulting Hybrid be something that's New????? Don't think I've got the Topic Titel right

*Blush* And I SO Can't Spell tonight! *Blush*

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Well the Seedlings have got their 1st Tendrils and Ture Leaves.... *Whooot*
Photos to Follow...

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All Passifloras are self-fertile, although a previous owner of the property may have invented something... Did you check with a website for France's natural wildflowers? The Passiflora incarnata ("Maypop") is a wildflower in Oklahoma USA. (It looks the same but is a darker purple)

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Dad Bought and put in the Amethyst...
The whole point of this post is to wonder what it was pollinated with and what the seedling might look like
Hope I'm making better sense now

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Most Passiflora are not self-fertile. Amethyst is certainly not, as it is a pollen-sterile hybrid. It crosses well with P. caerulea, so if there is one nearby, that would be my guess. There are several named hybrids from that cross.

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Thank you soooo much for that information kiwinut! I've been going nuts trying to figure out why I'm not getting fruit! I have a coccinea x vitifolia (a guess i'm making from many varified photos) nearby, and couldn't figure it out, lol.

Ninecrow, although kiwinut truly answered your question, (and one I've had) I often see wasps and butterflies on mine. but obviously to no avail, i must have the true amethyst specie.


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