Improbable hybrid? Belotii aka Alato Caerulea Fruit

sean(Vancouver BC 8B)January 14, 2006

Alright folks, I know this is not supposed to be possible but a friend of mine in Los Angeles has a fruit on his Passiflora Belotii aka Alato Caerulea.

Now I have always heard that this vine is supposed to be completely sterile, however there is an actual fruit on the vine and it would be a natural hybrid by either a hummingbird or by pollen falling from a Lady Margaret which is vining above.

I am including a couple photo's of this vine and fruit for you all to see. I am personally hopeful that there is actual seed in this fruit. It was still green two weeks ago when I was in Los Angeles visiting. My friend took these photo's of the vine and fruit today, January 14/06

this is the actual fruit...

Please give us your input, is it possible we have here an impossible cross? Let us know your opinion.

In the mean time my friend will keep an eye on the fruit and check it for seed when it is mature.



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cincinnata(S. Spain)

My Belotii has often set fruit but I have never had any seeds inside so don't get too excited! That said, I hope your friend is lucky.

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