Passionflowers taking over greenhouse!!

loneroc1January 13, 2014

Not really,

But just in case they were I'm looking to "raise" butterflies in my new greenhouse. I'm thinking Heliconius (Zebra Longwings, etc) would be the most appropriate. Where do you get ahold of stock? I can't find any on-line sources that will ship. It seems that tropical butterflies are going to escape into the Wisconsin winters and then take over the world.

Maybe there are local lepidopterists that could be of help, but I'm not sure of how I would locate such a person. In Europe it seems that anyone can buy over-the-counter tropical butterflies---no prescription needed.

Thanks! Any direction would be most appreciated.

Steve Herje, Lone Rock, SW WI, USDA Zone 3, but not lately.

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Perhaps you should take a trip to Florida. During the spring many of us have multitudes of Zebra Longwing Cats devouring our Passion flower vines. Of course my answer is to plant more Passion flower vines! You will find plenty of donors willing to share some butterflies or pieces of passionflower vines with butterfly eggs. Gulf Frittilaries also use passionflower vines as hosts. There is an attraction called Butterfly World that is worth seeing, too. I would happily do my part for the great tropical butterfly siege on Madison and then perhaps even parts of Kansas!

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