Caerulea ?

angie83(9)January 31, 2008

I have dug up many runners and repoted them I only have 3 types of passifloras in ground caerulea,lady margret,lavender lady and incense.My question is when do caerulea get there 5 lobs on there leafs?I have about 12 pots that are about 24in tall and they still have 3 lobes here is some pic just not sure what kind of passiflore I have .

this I think is a incense but not sure

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You have listed 3 Passiflora but named four! My best suggestion is not to worry - do what the experts do if in doubt and just wait for them to grow bigger and check out the flowers. Picture 3 looks like Lavender Lady. Picture 4 looks like it has some mildew (wipe leaves with dilute bicarb if so) The last one by the position of the petioles (little bumps) is not incense. It could be P. incarnata or Lady Margaret possibly as I don't know where its petiole glands are.

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