Serviceberry tree

peaceofmindAugust 24, 2010

Christie, if I remember correctly, you and I bought serviceberry trees from Mo Conservation at the same time a few years ago. How are yours doing? I have around six planted around the yard and they are just barely hanging on. They are the japanese beetles favorite snack and they just have a few sad looking leaves left. I hope yours are doing better.


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I was so disappointed when I noticed that Japanese Beetles were eating my serviceberries. They like a lot of fruits. They defoliated my grapes and Balaton Cherry that I bought last year, they like raspberries, blackberries and crabapples... I put up beetle traps in the middle of our hayfield this year to try to draw them away from the yard and it helped a little bit. I still had a lot of damage.

What I've noticed over the years though is that trees can handle being defoliated pretty well. They don't look very good when they're leafless but they'll look great again next spring. I don't think they'll die. It's frustrating though.

Are you going to keep yours? Mine are all in the back yard and along the fence line so looks aren't too important.

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