sow1(7)August 9, 2013

I planted 5 little lime hydrangeas in June. They were doing fine, until about a month ago and 1 turned brown. Monday another one turned brown and last night another one. The leaves are still on them and they were blooming. I am afraid I am going to lose them. I water every 3 days from the ground. Have I overwatered? I cannot find anything wrong. Do I need to dig them up and replant with fresh soil? This is my initial reaction. I have never experienced this. We are in a drought in my county.

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I may have a pest issue. I just went outside to look at them and found a little shell one. It was empty, but I found another one and it was Alive. These are very little, 1/4 inch maybe. I have never had this issue with any plants. Any ideas?

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Sorry you have this problem. Sounds like you have cared for them well in drought conditions -- are they just really dead or circling the drain? I didn't have any luck with the one lime hydrangea I tried years ago, so maybe that variety is just hard to grow, because with my other hydrangeas, they seem to thrive on neglect other than removing spent flower heads and watering.

Did you buy them blooming and this is recent? If they are in pots, I would move them to another location. A little Sevin dust sprinkled on (it saves my garden tall phlox every year from certain little black bugs) wouldn't hurt, if the plants are still alive. But before anything, why don't you Google "lime hydrangea culture" or "lime hydrangea growing" and see what the perfect conditions and possible pests for that plant are? I do that when a plant isn't doing well. And you could check into the shrub forum here on GardenWeb. Put lime hydrangea in the Search area.

Good luck -

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

You might have scale. If you are having a drought you aren't living here. Currently we are having hydrangea weather. If you are having hot dry weather hydrangea are suffering. Are they in the shade. They may need water every day if it is hot. Scale can suck the juice out and make them decline.

Here is a link that might be useful: scale

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