In search of Passiflora pinnatistipula seeds/cuttings?

CATSOF07January 12, 2013

I am in California and I am searching for Passiflora pinnatistipula, but I am unable to find seeds online or elsewhere. Does anyone have information on where I can find it? Thank you.

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I've never seen that one. Beautiful. How does the fruit taste?

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You might want to try the passiflora group on Facebook and also check out PSI. I'd concentrate on folks from the West Coast as the Bay area and similar climates are perfect for tasconias which don't grow well in the South-East or anywhere with high heat and humidity. Pinnatistipula is beautiful but the white variety, "Alba", is absolutely spectacular.

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I know of someone who grows it and fruits it in the Bay Area, however I'm not sure I should be giving out his name. He does post pictures of the flowers online, so he could be contacted on that basis. This is not the easiest plant/seed to find for some reason. UC-Berkeley Botanical Garden has sold it in the past, but I'm not sure if they sell it now. A friend picked one up maybe 4 years ago. Perhaps at their big sale?

Karyn, I believe you had seeds (from the person I'm thinking of)--did they grow?

It's not clear to me that P. pinnatistipula Alba has been grown in this country. One of the local Tacsonia hybridizers was looking for the plant a couple years ago. I don't think he ever found it, and I remember he was going to search for it when he took a trip to Europe.

Sorry to omit names, but I think it makes sense in this case.

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Randy I did get seeds from the person you are thinking of. If I remember correctly I did get decent germination but lost the seedlings. My son neglected to water some of my plants while I was out of town.

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I've only seen P. pinnatistipula Alba in photos, maybe Henk Wouter's site? I'm not a huge fan of white blooms but that one is just so beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Henk Wouter's passiflora site

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Hi Karyn,

We had a discussion about finding the Alba form a couple years ago, and Myles Irvine gave a link to his site, with a photo. It was also mentioned that the clone is apparently difficult to propagate by cuttings. See the link at bottom.

In "Passiflora: Passionflowers of the World": Ulmer, et al. there is a description of the white form:

"A clone with white flowers, found by Axel Frank and Emil Kugler in Bolivia, turned out to be very free flowering. A 2-m-tall plant of this clone, cultivated in a 35-cm container, is able to produce about 30 flowers. Unfortunately, cuttings from this white-flowering variety are difficult to root."

They also have a photo of several flowers (plate 284, p. 251) with the caption: "Under cultivation, a white-flowered variety of Passiflora pinnatistipula proves to be very free-flowering."

I mentioned in a different thread (the one about local sources of Passifloras) that P. tarminiana Alba is also very nice, and I posted a picture. That one reminds me of a white P. x exoniensis, actually. Here's a photo at Strybing showing both flowers in one shot. It's not a good photo of either, but maybe you can see what I'm getting at. P. x exoniensis of course has longer peduncles.

The white P. tarminia (sold as P. 'Bailadores', I think) and P. x exoniensis are sometimes sold at Strybing monthly sales for $15.

Here is a link that might be useful: Earlier discussion about P. pinnatistipula Alba

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I just wanted to add that while I have not seen P. pinnatistipula (any color form) for sale at a Strybing sale, they are aware that there is great interest in Passifloras that provide edible fruit. P. pinnatistipula has a reputation for both tasty fruit and perhaps a greater temperature tolerance than some other Tacsonias. A lot of Tacsonias are difficult or impossible in many parts of the Bay Area--perhaps this species can be grown in more areas? It's possible they are already propagating the plant; I don't know. I'll ask next time I'm in contact with someone there.

If someone is at a sale and is interested in this plant, they should just ask (probably Carlos or Dave). It's possible it's already being grown and can be retrieved. If they don't have it they will be aware that there is interest in growing it.

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I too am interested in some passion flowers I have just moved out to the country and want to get my garden going but as of right now,I am looking to fill up my spacious flower garden and my bare ladis that me and my husband just put up.If anybody is nice enough to give me some passion flowers whether it be cuttings or seeds please reply back to me.

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