Honeysuckle - Anyone tried planting honeysuckle in..

javaman99July 14, 2005


I live in suburbs of Philadelphia and have an area of my yard that is shaded and covered by a few Beech trees. I read somewhere that Honeysuckle shrubs will grow in shaded areas. I wanted to find out if any members of this forum have Honeysuckle plants growing in shaded regions.

If so, what has been your experience with planting and what did you have to do to get it blooming? Any problems with pests?


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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

I have PLENTY of that fragrant Japanese honeysuckle growing in very shaded places.

It fact, I can't get rid of it. It is very invasive. Philly's climate is milder than ours. I suspect that might make it worse!

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Was it the shrub variety or the vine/creeper variety?

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wolfe15136(z6 PA)


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loretta5_gw(Z6 PA)

I recommend you plant something less invasive. Honeysuckle will take over your garden if you are not absolutely diligent about removing spent flowers. It will bloom in sun and shade. The smell is heavenly but in this zone the plant is from the other place.

To answer your other question. It has no pest problenms and will bloom quite well if you do nothing to it.


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katybird_PA(z6 PA)

If you look for a native honeysuckle they are non invasive. Look for Lonicera sempervirens instead of the lonicera japonica. I grow the sempervirens cultivar 'John Clayton,' but can't attest to its performance in shade b/c I have it in a sunny location. Still a fast growing plant and it may be too much if you have limited space, but it is not invasive.

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I live in West Chester PA. I have 2 honeysuckles, coral & harliquin. They are beautiful. The harliquin is fragrent. The hummingbirds like the coral. They both bloom prolificly and are well behaived w/ very little care. Both are in part shade. Good luck.

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Thanks for all the information.
I am intending to plan Honeysuckle - Pink Tatarian (Lonicera tatarica) as these are hedges as opposed to vines.
But I like the idea of honeysuckle vines (harliquin and coral). Are these plants deer-resistant?


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