weed disposal

beffyschw(z6 PA)July 31, 2005

I have a large amount of weeds, including thistles, I want to get rid of safely. I do not have trash pick up nor can I burn then unless I put them in a barrel which would take a long time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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blueheron(z6 PA)

Yes. Compost them. Some gardeners don't compost their weeds, but they constitute most of my garden waste, along with perennials that I cut back in the fall. It's difficult for the pile to get hot enough to kill the weed seeds, however, so you need to turn over the compost as it decomposes.

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

I second composting them. Also if you get them cut/pulled before they set bloom there are no viable seeds to worry about.

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peggy1155(z6 PA)

I'm with witsend on this, that's what I do. :)

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naturenut_pa(z6 PA)

i agree with everybody else. with grass clippings, shredded newspaper and kitchen scraps, i have more than enough material for composting. however, i still put weeds in the compost bin just for the smug feeling of satisfaction that it gives me, knowing that something that was choking my plants will now eventually be helping them.

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