Groundcover for slope with shale/slate

kjs1271(Z6 PA)July 25, 2006

Hi all from a newbie! First time start from scratch gardner here. DH and I just moved into our newly constructed home and I am desperate for help with a slope next to our driveway. These wicked rains have been washing out our slope giving us big ruts. I am hoping to find some ideas on a ground cover that is fast spreading with a good root system that won't wash out. (Hate to have plants laying at the bottom of the driveway after a hard rain.)

We live in the "Slate Belt" area of PA, near Pen Argyl / Wind Gap so our soil is loaded with slate/shale.

I appreciated any feedback you all may have!


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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

What kind of sun exposure does the slope get? There are a myriad of possibilities range form vines like vinca minor or pachysandra to low-growing ground cover shrubs like some creeping junipers or cottoneaster, etc. Slopes can also be terraced to plant perennials if desired.

One of my sisters has a slope to her driveway where it borders her neighbor and she put some junipers along part of it and hosta on other parts, and these have been filling it in nicely. Again it depends on what the sun exposure is regarding certain ground covers (some prefer shade). Of course laying down sod is another possibility.

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kjs1271(Z6 PA)

This area gets full sun - all day. We looking for something that we don't have to mow, it's a pretty steep slope so sod or seeding is out.

Thanks for your reply!

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I like Lamium, vinca or if it is an area that you really don't want to plant anything else and don't care if an invasive takes over you might consider Bishops weed or chameleon plant.

Be cautious about the latter two. Once planted they will thrive and take over surrounding areas, but if it really is a place that you want to cover quickly, that will do the trick.


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peaches20(6 PA)

I will second the lamium. It comes either with white, pink or yellow flowers. I have mostly white lamium as the leaves are very pretty and two-toned. I have them going down the side of my driveway. Vinca would also be nice as it gets little blue flowers. It does tend to take over somewhat.


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kjs1271(Z6 PA)

Thanks to all for your suggestions. Time for some research!

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