Why we can't cut spending in a reasonable way

kimka(Zone 6B)April 1, 2013

In an article in today's Washington Post (entitled BAE prods Congress for Bradley funding unwanted by the Army):

"Although the military doesn't want more Bradley funds (the Cold War era Bradley fighting vehicle), Congress added $140 million to the program, above what the Pentagon requested for this year. ...."The move by BAE, a London firm whose U.S. subsidiary is based in Arlington, VA, mirrors General Dynamics'effort to protect the Abrams tank, also against the Army's wishes." That one cost $225 million, triple what the Army requested.

Can we just furlough all of Congress for about a year? How can you not be disgusted with them.

The military is not shy about asking for funds, but even they don't want this money.

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I would like to say that I'm floored... but nothing shocks or surprises me anymore...

It's just one more brick in the wall of "Doh!" when it comes to our crumbling world and its economy. Who votes for these idiots, anyway?

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Jodi: "Who votes for these idiots, anyway?"

Hard to say. First one has to figure out which Committees are involved, which committee did what, who's on each committee involved, and what their individual position on each issue was/is (or at least what they'll own up to). I don't think it's coming up for a vote till early May.

Baffle us with bullsh--. I think it must have something to do with job security. Most these elecrted reps are probably lawyers...

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