Passion Vines.. Helllpppp!

CapriciousVinesFebruary 17, 2013

So I live in southern AZ, in the "sunniest place in the world", I am growing two passion vines, the exact type I don't know, I got them from an orange seed pod/fruit on a larger plant with white flowers. There are two vines growing and I've had them since last year, they seem to be growing much faster than before, but I was wondering if it will do well here? This place gets some extreme heat, its gotten to the 120s before, and its a dry heat too. Its not common for a passion vine type of plant to grow here, and these two in particular are out in the open. Will they be alright? Last year when they sprouted they really struggled, they were very small and I thought they were going to wither away, then out of completely nowhere they took off, growing at a rapid pace and now one is about three feet (up to the top of our fence) and the other is maybe two and a half feet. I am proud to have grown such an uncommon plant in this area, but i'm worried they wont make it. Is there anything I can do? Any tips?

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They will be fine if you can keep them well watered.

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