Ruby Glow/Alata Help

floridabear(10b)February 25, 2007

I just can't get a 'Ruby Glow' or I think it is Alata to grow. I have had 3 vines in the past 8 years. They grow for 3 years,or so,and make thousands of flowers,no joke, thousands, the vines are over 50 feet long in two directions, so like 100 feet long. I always have to cut up to 90% of the vine off 2-4 times in the summer they grow so fast and over take the fence to the point it is bending. BUT since my last one died,after a huge cut back, I have bought and wasted a LOT of money on tiny tiny rooted cuttings of Ruby Glow or Alata, maybe 6in at most, and tried to grow them in pots,till they are bigger, and also in the ground. And they just die! I even bought one of these 'Grandiflora' types with the huge flower in WHITE instead of Ruby Red! It cost me $40 for a 6in rooted cutting. It died on me in 2 weeks in a pot. Is there a disease going around I don't know about that is attacking these big passion vines?

I miss my Ruby Glow so much...and I cant find one growing locally,so I buy these tiny tiny cuttings off of Ebay and they die. I have stopped buying them after the $40 white one. But does anyone know what is going on? I would sell my soul if I could find a local grower or someone near me with one that could root one bigger than 6ins. Or send me some long cuttings and tell me how to root them...I have never been able to root them,but I use to be able to buy one in a 10in grow pot for only $10-15. Now I cant get a tiny cutting for less than that off of EBay! Maybe they are to young to be uprooted,shipped, and then repotted??? I am at a loss. I cant find any locally. I have given up on the internet,so now I think that there must be a problem with them that I don't know about? Any help would be so much appreciated. I cant even find a plain old blue 'passion vine' at Lowes or Home Depot. BUT it would never replace the blooms and the coverage I get from a Ruby Glow or a Grandiflora type. Huge stems,huge flowers,huge leaves. Whats going on?

Why cant I find them and grow them anymore?

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I saw one at calwell nursey in rosenberg.She also had a good many passifloras some were dormant .Might try her or have you tried georgia vines she has mailed me huge passifloras in past.

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I find that the Ruby Glow is one of the easiest cuttings to root. I haven't had any luck with the seeds that I've collected but cuttings have not been a problem. I root them in a glass of water on a seed mat and have roots within a couple weeks.

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Karyn1 I do not have any access to any cuttings of Ruby Glow...that is kind of the point of the posting. And I dont know this other company that Angie mentioned. I have never been able to root cuttings...thus the reson I kept buying tiny rooted cuttings off of EBay. When I had 10foot long stems of Ruby Glow.I couldntget even 1 foot ones to root in water or soil or air layered. Thus the reason I am looking for a bigger Ruby Glow than the tiny ones on EBay to replace my huge one I had. I have a 'wanted' posting on the exchange page. I am hoping for an exchange of long cuttings for maybe rooted Chalice vine or some other tropical I have.

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Hi Floridabear,
Caldwell Nursery has fantastic plants, as does Zone 9 Tropicals. Every passion vine I've bought from them has been healthy & huge. Kartuz has healthy plants that are very inexpensive but small. Gardino Nursery has a great plants but I've never bought passies from them. Georgiavines on Ebay is another reputable seller. Her plants aren't as large as some of the others I mentioned but they are certainly nice. It's still a bit too cold here for me to ship tropical plants. If you want to wait I might be interested in a trade but I already have a Golden Chalice vine.

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I went to that Kartuz site and every single passion vine is soldout, and i dont know how big the yare..i didnt see how big they ship anyway. I have bought all my other vines from Georgiavines on EBay...those are the ones that are so tiny...and die..all of them..even the $40 White Alata! They arrive looking good,but die within a week or two.Even in pots. Instead of planting them into the ground,I put the last one in a pot with soilless mix as she said,and it couldnt die fast enough. So far I am out close to $110 to her 'quality vines'. Thanks for the leads of the other sires. Guess i just have to pray for a trade someday with someone.

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Floridabear what are you doing with the vines after you receive them? I've never had a problem with any vines from Georgiavines and there are a number of others on GW who also buy from her and have no problem. The vines from Caldwell & Zone 9 are much larger than the ones from Kartuz and Georgiavines. Grassy Knolls is supposed to be another good passiflora supplier.

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I get 'vines' if you can call them 'vines',from her.They are at most 6in long in total,..3in new growth on a 2-3 in stem that is rooted. I gave up planting them in the ground right away.So at her advise I potted up the last one in a 3in pot,and it just died in a few days. That simple. And I can grow anything. I am not new to gardening. Just cant get these tiny 'vines' to grow.

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Floridabear, I'm so sorry to hear that the vines I sent you did not survive. I always replace any vines that may not have survived because of my fault. I wish you had notified me of this problem because I surely would have sent you others. I know that sometimes my more unusual passion vines are bid just way too high on e-bay, but I always list them at the price I expect to get for them. I think that $40.00 is way too much to pay for one and I can understand you being upset for not being able to keep it alive. I do pride myself in keeping my prices down so that many can buy my passion vines and one way to do that is to offer 4 to 6 inch plants to everyone. Of course I have larger plants but only sell them locally. Again, I am sorry your were not happy with your purchase and wished I could have made you happy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Georgiavines

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Georgia. You replaced my first Ruby Glo when it died. Then IT died. I took a shot on that White 'Nigrillia',spelled something like that, and the price went though the roof,and I ended up with it. All your plants arrive in great shape. BUT all of mine have died. It's just that simple. I pot them into 3in pots with top quality soil, and within a week,or less, they are dead. I never would have thought to ask you for a replacement for the white one or a second one for the Ruby Glo. I would give anything to have another chance at another Ruby Glo or that White one. But I never would have asked for a replacement again. Sellers on EBay have such short nerves when you say something they sold you 'didn't live' or 'wasn't what you expected'. From past experiences with OTHER sellers, NOT you. I just imagined the email I'd get back IF I asked you for a replacement again,or for the white one.. So I never asked. Past experiences told me not to ask. NOT my experience with YOU. YOU offered and sent the 1 Ruby Glo replacement. I NEVER would have asked for a second one, let alone a replacement for that White one. THAT one cost so much I wouldn't even think of a replacement. BTW....This is Stan in Ft.Laud Fla.

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Floridabear, I will be more than happy to pot up two plants for you in gallon pots and grow them out for a few months. When you receive them, keep them in the original pots for a couple of weeks in a partly sunny location so they can recover from the trip. After that you can either put them in a larger pot or plant them in the ground. You might think about putting them in a location where that can grow to their natural state and not have to give them such extreme haircuts. Send me your address and I'll keep in touch and let you know how your babies are coming and send pictures. Thanks for letting me know about your problem.

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Thank you. I have emailed you privately. You should have gotten it today. Thank you for the offer!

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