Replacing a tree

wolfe15136(z6 PA)July 19, 2005

My Stella cherry died suddenly this summer, just as her cherries were ripening!

I've had her cut down, and now am thinking about her replacement.

I've got a very small (30' x 45') urban garden, and this tree is right in the center, next to the small pond that is the focal point of the garden. The pond is fully lined, and the tree would be on the up-hill side, so over abundance of moisture is not a problem.

Full sun, amended clay soil, zone 6 nominally, but we tend to be warmer than the airport area.

Recommended to replace it with a paperbark maple, a hardy white-flowering crepe myrtle, and a native dogwood of a strain that is supposed to be anthracnose resistant.

I have two small japanese maples in the borders of the garden, so I'd rather select something different. The only other tree is a Red Haven peach, who has not been very healthy and may be on her way out too.

What do you guys think?

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Kathy46(Z6 Pa)

I'd love a native dogwood but can it really stand up to full sun ??

Crepe myrtle would be a wonderful choice too. I have several varieties.

The maple may get too big and the root system could be a problem with the pond. I'm not familiar with all the different maple just know some will get very big.


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kath_inseastpa(z6 PA)

Some smaller trees that prefer full sun, but can handle part shade: Check out a Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus), which puts our very fragrant and profuse white flowers in late May. It grows 12 - 20' high. It's a slow grower, so try to buy as large as you can (5'). There is nothing like it in the spring when it flowers.

Or a Sweet Bay Magnolia, which also flowers white in June. It is semi-evergreen, but this far north will probably loose 2/3rds of its leaves. It grows 10 - 35' in height. I'm not sure of its rate of growth.

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

Kath has the right ideas, qualify the tree before installation.

Height, color (fall), root problems, seeds in the spring, leaves for compost?

Wolfe, don't block the view to the garage, where you have many colors, shapes, and sizes to look at.

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