Passiflora nephrodes

MPH101(10a)February 17, 2009

I am looking for some general information on Passiflora nephrodes. I can find little information on this particular species. A local (SW Gulf coastal Florida - zone 10a) nursery told me not to bother with this plant as it wasn't really good for this area, difficult. Though they offer many types of passiflora they don't grow this one.

Did locate a rooted cutting last year and put it into the ground during the high heat of summer with full sun into early afternoon. It was a bit slow to acclimate however by late summer (still hot day/night/humid) was doing well with first blooms. It took a break however with a unusually cool/cold winter it has once again begun to bloom nicely. Exposed to temperatures as low as about 32 a couple times but many nights in the 40 - 50 F temperature range and a lot of days in the upper 50's it seems to be putting forth a lot of new growth. Not sure if this is occurring because it prefers the cooler weather or the increasing amount of sunlight as we head towards spring.

So I'm not sure if I was told it is difficult here because it doesn't like heat or its not overall as vigorous as other plants this nursery sells.

The only other passionflowers I have blooming now are P. cocciena and P. x kewensis which always bloom in winter and not so much if at all in the summer.

I have found that unlike the 2 other species it is growing with it isn't bothered by leaf miners or spider mite even though it is intermingled with the other 2 which are highly vulnerable to mites.

Also understand that is difficult to take cuttings off of and maybe that is why the nursery doesn't mess with it.

To me they look similar to P. foetida in foliage and bloom structure. Judging from its leaf form I'm thinking it can take drier medium like P. foetida compared to some of the other forms I grow.

So far I've found it a good plant for my climate, and wasn't sure if it would tolerate the cold freezing temperatures or not.



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jblaschke(8b TX)

I don't have any firsthand knowledge of nephrodes, but I don't see why it wouldn't make it in your area. I'd suggest planting one out, then taking some insurance cuttings from it just in case it doesn't make it through the winter.

Sadly, I've learned that nurseries are usually quite ignorant about passiflora. If they don't have it right then, it "won't do well" is a stock response.

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Mike, I'll bet I live really close to you. You have described our exact winter, and am on Gulf coast and got the 32 degree weather, unusual but true, as you say. It killed off our entire ficus hedge, around a large yard. They are slowly returning from the base, but think we'll have to end up trimming off the older growth :(
Anyway, since we're so close I wouldn't mind doing some cuttings trades with you. I have only recently begun to learn more about passiflora, but am really falling for them hard.
I know I have p. amethyst, and the other I'm not sure, leaning towards a cross between vitifolia and coccines, which creates beautiful red flowers. I also have a florida
native, but it hasn't bloomed yet so waiting to identify.
If you like to swap some rooted cuttings, I'd be quite interested
email: (my hubbies email)

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