animal by the creek

helenh(z6 SW MO)August 7, 2012

I thought it was an otter but now I think it was a mink. It was out in the day time on a fallen tree in the creek in a deep hole. It was making lots of noise digging around or something. The color was walnut brown rich brown and at first I thought it was a cat. It was not one bit afraid of me. It was fun to see it. On the way home an armadillo tried to commit suicide by running back toward my vehicle after I had slowed to let it cross the road. How they multiply is a mystery to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: brown animal

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How cool Helen! I haven't seen one for many years, probably since I was in school.
With it being so hot and dry, I bet there are many animals traveling/relocating to find water.
I assume you still have water in your creek?

I can't recall if I've ever seen a live armadillo. They're always dead. Ewww I hope I never hit one with my car. The sound would be awful.

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Cool! We see them sometimes at Roaring River when we are down there fishing.

I met an armadillo on my garden path one night, and I've seen them down at Roaring River also. I have an armadillo skull that I found once. Interesting.


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I have never seen a mink in the wild. I did have a visiting armadillo a few years ago that stopped me dead in my tracks.
I was headed to the mailbox and it was sitting up on its hind legs and it took a second for it to register what it was! I took pictures of it. It stayed around for a couple of days and then was gone. I have never had one since.

Helen, you need to carry your cell phone with you and get a picture. I swear the phones these days take better pics than my camera. I am assuming you have a cell phone..........

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Glenda I don't know how to use the cell phone camera or even if it has one. I have a Tracfone because cell phones don't work here and it wouldn't be worth paying a monthly fee. I was over at my parents' farm after I voted and walked around to see if there was still water there. In all the years I've lived there, I never saw a mink. Sources say they are active at night but this guy was very busy and noisy. I was on the bank and he was in the creek but I was afraid he would come toward me. I don't think he had rabies because he was going about his business whatever it is and looked healthy and feisty. I let the neighbor run cattle there and the gate is locked. Not many people are going there. I am not telling anyone because I don't want anyone shooting it. I am going back over there to take pictures of the creek in case we sell the farm some day. I have springs coming out of the bank and nice cool water holes with areas with no water. It is a losing stream but always has had water holes. I would think that would be a selling point.

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Helen - you're so lucky to have your farm and creek. When I was in high school and had a horse, my favorite place to ride was along a woodsy creek where my father rented land for cattle. Years later, the land was sold for homes and now you can't even tell that it used to be wooded. Very sad. I wanted woods and a creek so badly when we bought our 10 acres but apparently everyone else wants that too. At least when we were looking, land like that was quite a bit more expensive than buying a hayfield without trees like we did. I suspect that having water would make the land sell easier.

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