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maggiecolaJuly 8, 2006

Yesterday I dug up one of my beds and moved all sorts of stuff around. I commented today to my husband that I didn't see any bugs--nothing, not even those ugly meal worms or slugs. My husband said, "Well, the garlic must be working then." THAT'S when it occurred to me why I don't have bugs while everyone else complains about them. The garlic has been in my gardens for so long, I'd forgot about it. I don't ever recall having a problem with bugs. Bugs hate the smell of garlic. Give it a try!

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dirtdivarocks(z6 SW PA)

OK, now you have my attention. Do you put the cloves in the ground near the plants? Tell us your technique, I sure would like to know.

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It grows throughout the middle of my flower beds. I just asked hubby how he planted it years ago and he said he just tossed some seeds on the ground. I guess he found a wild garlic plant and got the seeds from that. Anyway, I've been fighting with him about this garlic for years--being in my garden. Now I realize he's right because it does keep the bugs away.

It grows about 2 to 3 feel tall so I yank it out and just let it grow in the middle and the back of the garden. When I dig, there's always old or dormat bulbs all through the soil.

Here's a picture of what the tops look like:

You could buy the seeds (or hubby says we can send some seeds when they're done but be warned I yanked a whole lot out so I won't have a ton of seeds this year.) and plant them. I quickly found the following website with sowing tips:

The variety we have is in the picture in the first link. Maybe someone might want to try another variety that doesn't get so tall. Garlic chives are pretty plants--I just don't know if they'll have the same effect. The plants we grow look pretty funky cool grouped together with their little round spears on top. But in other places in my beds, I just let one or two mingle in with the flowers and you can't notice them.

I wish I hadn't pulled so many out while I was working in the garden the other day. My husband's right. The garlic is why we don't have bug problems. But I have complete faith the ones that are still there are going to continue to bring me more garlic because I've been pulling this stuff out for years. I just leave it where it's hidden--or allow a cluster of them to grow together for visual effect.

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Hi. I was wondering if your garlic plants emit any garlic odor that you are able to smell with your human, non-bug nose. (-: Also ... do you ever see slugs in your garden? I have a pretty big slug problem in a pretty small garden and wonder if garlic plants would work their same magic with them. Thanks alot,

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I don't know if it works on slugs. All I know is I haven't seen slugs in years. The only thing I see in my garden is bees, butterflies, and when I'm digging I see worms.

The other day I was planting some new plants. When I started trying to bump out my new lambs ear, all those little white grubs started falling all over the patio. I ALMOST DIED. I haven't seen those in years either. When I got it out of the pot, my husband and I shook them all out, dug our fingers into the root ball to get others out, and I stomped them all dead. I hope I got them all. If not, I hope they hate the garlic just like everything else! LOL

I can only smell the garlic if I'm yanking it out to thin it. Sometimes when I'm digging or loosening the soil, I can smell it if I'm in an area where there's inactive garlic bulbs. I only smell it when I'm disturbing them in some way but the smell goes away. I can't smell garlic in the garden garden when I'm just walking through my garden or sitting on my patio though.

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