Perennial fuchsia

CarolnWbg(z6PA)July 18, 2009


Have never had much patience with annual fuchsia, too demanding. Recently saw a lot of perennial ones at Oglebay Park at Wheeling. Has anyone here grown them? Have found a place to buy, but am not sure if it would be worth the effort.



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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

I grew perennial fuchsias for years in johnstown. They were reliable pernnials and trouble free. I have been meaning to get one, but haven't gotten around to mail ordering. Where is your place to buy them?

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So glad to hear that they are hardy in our area. If you grew them in Johnstown they should work here in Waynesburg where it is just a little warmer.
I found 4 sources but the one I like best is Big Dipper Farm.
They show a variety of fuchsias and list the zones they are suited for. Think I'll send for a 'Riccartonii' since it is described as a survivor.
Thanks for your reply!!

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OOOOOPS! Looked into ordering from Big Dipper Farm. The base shipping charge is $15.00!. Am going to email Pedrick's Corner about the hardiness of their fuchsias. They ship bare root at USPS priority mail rates which are much better. Will try to find a plant that is hardy here.

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Ordered 3 fuchsias today from Pedrick's Corner. Emailed back and forth with the owner and he referred me to a site where I could check the hardiness of the plants he offers. The total amount was $13.85 including shipping. Was going to tell you to email me at the address I have here if you want further info, but my address has changed. Will have to wander off and find out how to update it.


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vlf4230(z6 Pa)

I bought some from last year and one never sprouted while the other grew a few inches and died. They sent me new ones this year and again, one never sprouted and the other died after an initial sprouting. I don't know if it is the source or the variety as pretty much everything else did great.

I really would like to find some. Carol, maybe you can post back later this fall and let us know how they are doing.


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Was really excited to receive the plants I ordered. She sent 5 instead of 3! My instructions were to pot them and feed them heavily. Then, in the fall they are to be planted in the ground. They arrived in beautiful condition and are doing well in their pots. Am hoping they continue to thrive once winter comes. Have updated my email in case you have questions.

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