What passion fruit variety did I buy?

StarfinderFebruary 18, 2013

Hi folks,

I was at the Maku'u farmers market on the Hawaii Big Island yesterday. A nice lady sold me this vine (see attached pic). She said that it was Jamaican Passion Fruit. After I went back home, I could not find this plant on the web. Now I am doubting if this is even a passion fruit. Does anyone recognize this plant?

Thanks, Tony

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Tony, the leaves look like Passiflora Laurifolia aka Water Lemon.




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Darren, thanks. Do you know if it's a good tasting fruit? Do you have one growing?

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Sorry Tony, I don't have this yet. If you want to see more of these plants and get answers quickly, from veteran growers, there are at least two passion flower groups on FB. You'd get an answer to any and all your questions quickly there. I think it is a Laurifolia but I could be wrong too.

Still very new to these plants myself.

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I agree with Darren that it does look like P. laurifolia but can't be sure until it blooms. If it is a "water lemon" the fruit is supposed to be very tasty.

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