small, fragrant ,freeflowering Passi..

Kerstin_Linnea(Z5, chicago)February 19, 2005

hello, I stumbled in to the kartuz site and wanted feedback on the nursery and some of the plants I found interesting,

Namely: P.adularia, "Purple tiger" and P. triloba.

I am looking for a passi that can handle some cold storage,( unheated staircase with skylight, never below 9celsius)

I'd really like one , or two! that are *FRAGRANT*, colorful and frequent bloomer, or even better who's blooming in Jan-feb zone 5.

I got a bay window facing west, always strong light , but naturally, less sun wintertime..

-I read somewhere that passis are not blooming unless they get strong, strong sun for x hours a day.

well, my caerula Bought from H.d never recovered from being potbound and was mostly green all summer last year,

I put it in full sun and I got spider mites, once moved under a tree, It grew spectacular vines but just one flower or two.

when I bought it , It had approx, 50-75 buds on it.

( which promptly fell off once the water never stayed in the pot- I couldnt do much but see buds falling of day by day until I cut cut the roots down and place it in a bigger pot- it is now aprox in a 10in pot,glazed)

How do I coax it in to that shape again? How often should I fertilize?

It is now sitting in the staircase, severely cut down, it is showing new shoots but I am still stingy with the water..

when should I bring it back in?

I'd like to have one that can stay in the window when everything else is on a break. My windows are drafty and has a waterradiator underneath(!)

pictures or referral to nurseries with pic's would be great.

thanxs !


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In a nutshell:
Best: Full-full sun, Potbound in a big pot, constantly moist, but well-drained. Fertilized heavily until it is big, then very little fertilizer for flowers.
Drafts can slow down a Pass. They like consistency. I wouldn't expect one to bloom in a West window at all. Mine refuse to bloom in a South. They want full sun!

Fragrance: P. 'Incense' from Select Seeds.

Hope you have a happy plant one day.

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