What's up with Wisteria??

bluebonsai101(6a PA)July 27, 2005

So, I'm in Pittsburgh and my Wisteria bloomed earlier this spring as usual which was nice....I just love these flowers!! What is really unusual is that it is blooming again now with a few hundred blooms. Some of these blooms even appear to be on new wood, which is not supposed to happen. Is anyone elses Wisteria doing this?? I know we've had some odd weather with a lack of rain for a couple of weeks followed by continuous rain and tons of heat, but still this has never happened before :o) Dan

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nancycon(zone 5 W. PA)

Yes, I have a small blossom on mine although I wish it were a hundred. My Wisteria blossomed for the first time this Spring after having planted it over 8 yrs ago. I'm between Zelie and Meadville.

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

I just want ours to bloom once!!! You guys are hogging up the wisteria blooms by going for two! LOL!!!!!!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Yeah, not sure what caused this anomoly, but it was sort of interesting. I'm always surprised when people say that they have a hard time getting Wisteria to bloom. Mine are from cuttings off of my Wisteria bonsai and I planted them 4 years ago. They have bloomed the last 2 years now and are starting to get really impressive numbers of blooms. I just plopped them in the ground and they seemed to like it. Go figure :o) Dan

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

Well ours have been in for 5 years. I think I'm going to have to do the tough love thing that I used on the trumpet vine that hadn't bloomed after 6 years. Walk up to it, look it square in the face and tell it This is the last year! Either bloom or you are compost! The darned trumpet vine has been blooming ever since!

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nancycon(zone 5 W. PA)

I don't think you were referring to me, Lynn D, when you said "we were hoggong all the Wisteria blossoms"!! After careful and dilligent and proper pruning, mine had TWO blossoms for the first time in it's 8 year life. In the meantime I happened to glance up into the 40 foot Pin Oak and notice the wild wisteria that I ignore full of pendulus danglings mocking me for my work on my well trained wisteria.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I should say that mine are growing in our crappy clay (not ammended) and they are in a spot that gets a large amount of water when it rains since it is a bit of a low spot. I chose this spot based on the fact that the parent that originaly supplied the cutting for my bonsai was from Birmingham, AL and it was growing in solid clay along a stream bank (very tyical in AL, by the way) so it was inundated with water. My bonsai gets put in a tray of water starting around July 4 and stays under water for a month while it gets heavily fertilized and then it can produce 100 blooms on a plant growing in a 14 inch pot. Not sure why yours are not blooming, but I hope they start producing lots of buds next spring :o) Dan

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I would guess that your that is blooming again is the native version, and not one of the Japanese or Chinese ones. They flower more easily and are not as invasive. I can't think of the botanical name right now howerve, sorry.


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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

Pruning?? I was told not to prune it.....is that where I am going wrong?

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Hi Gerry,

These are definatley natives as they were from wild growing vines located in Birmingham, AL. No clue as to name, not really worried about it....I'm just glad they grow like weeds and flower easy after what you read on here about other peoples troubles getting them to bloom.

Lynn, I never prune mine except to keep it in the shape I want, but pruning will not hurt them a bit as long as you do not cut into the 2-year old wood as this is where the blooms are supposed to come from. You can cut the long runners back mercilessly without any concern. I do this of course on my bonsai one or it would quickly get out of control.

I hope everyones Wisteria bloom next year :o) Dan

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i live in new york state, along the massachusetts border. my wisteria vines grow like crazy BUT never bloom. how do i get them to bloom? will any type of fertilizer help in this regard? i must figure out a way to get these plants to bloom!

thank you

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nancycon(zone 5 W. PA)

I learned a lot about pruning from a book by David Squire called Pruning, JG Press. It is in picture form for those of us who are visual learners. The discription of how to and when to prune wisteria is excellant. It tells you what time of the year to do what and shows you how it will look pruned.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

If you can't get a good book on pruning, how about some pruning-wisteria-for-dummies advice... or maybe after you read it you'll figure I'm the dummy! LOL, but it works for me...

I prune alot throughout the summer- once your vine has the shape you want, cut back every one of those long shoots back to about three leaves. It's a constant job, once you finish you almost have to start again from the other side, they grow so fast.

I see alot of advice to prune them in the winter. I guess it's easier to see the branches, but since they form flower buds in the fall I would think you are cutting off alot of blooms, so i don't do it.

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Well, I'm no expert, but I figure it like this: In the wild they do not get pruned and they bloom like crazy, so pruning is purely for asthetics and nothing more....it is not a requirement for blooming as mine clearly demonstrate. I prune my Wisteris bonsai to keep all of the runners nipped back and it blooms well every spring. I do not prune the ones in the ground at all except to keep them in bounds and they are now blooming reliably. They do bloom on 2 year old wood so do not prune into last years growth or that will keep you from getting blooms.

I live in the North Hills of Pittsburgh so if anyone wants to grab a cutting off of mine to start please let me know and maybe we can arrange a time for a pruning party....a bit late in the year, but they may still root this year. Mine bloomed 4 years from a cutting off of my blooming age bonsai so that gives you some idea of time-frame.

Good luck with the blooming :o) Dan

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So I am pretty much a novice gardener...but I have a pretty young wisteria vine that I have in a planter( live in the city). I bought it in July, it did well and grew quite a bit up the trellis. However it seems to me to have stopped growing. I noticed the leaves are turning a golden yellow, and the roots have gone from the fleshy green to a tree-like bark spiraly brown. It looks stronger and more healthy but I am worrying about hurting it!
Please help!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

It is just going dormant for the winter!! If it is in a pot you can store it in a cold garage for the winter, but make sure you mulch it so that it does not completely dry out in the winter. I have one in a pot and I do this. I water maybe once a month to make sure it stays moist and have had it like this for 10 years :o) Dan

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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

I planted a wisteria 3 years ago, it was really just a little twig I got from my mom from an offshoot of hers. Well it finally bloomed this spring. Oh course we were moving this spring....and it had wrapped itself around the fence in such a way that I couldn't take it out. Oh well, it was good to see it bloom once at least. I'm looking for the largest tree on my property now and I'm going to plant one at the base of the tree and see if it'll take over. I'll try to pick an out of the way tree so if it takes it over and kills it, then it won't matter

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

I'm happy to report that my threatening has won the battle yet again! I walked out and told the plants that this was the last year, either put up or they were getting an introduction to the chainsaw. IT WORKED!! We were loaded with blooms this year! But on the downside one of them did an about face and invaded the lilac bush so she got a severe pruning. (the wisteria not the lilac)

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