Passiflora incarnata dark purple forms

redpassFebruary 23, 2013

I have been growing Passiflora incarnata and other Passifloras for many years. In an attempt to find deeper color forms I usually end up with with a misidentified 'Incense' by the plant source. There are some beautiful dark purple forms of incarnata out there. I wanted to see if anyone had experience in purchasing or receiving one they might be able to share divisions for a project. I have incarnata and incarnata alba growing here with great cold tolerance. I would like to cross these with deeper purple forms to get deeper color and increased cold tolerance. I would gladly share seedlings with contributors. Thanks.

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Fairly new to growing passiflora and still learning to ID them but I know incarnata is native here. Can you share a photo of a good incarnata, not incense as a reference or better yet is there are good photo of a dark form incarnata to be shared? Perhaps I may run across something in my travels to nurseries and wild parks here in Florida.


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