Can anyone Id this palm?

greenchic(7)January 18, 2010

Hello all!

I recently bought a large plant with a generic label (tropical foliage). Its some kind of palm but im not sure which one. Ive attatched some pics hoping someone can help name it. Thanks!

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Im thinking its either an areca or a christmas palm. Its probably a christmas palm though.
Both grow to a pretty nice size and will be getting a real trunk soon.

Good luck!

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It's a christmas palm and it's only hardy to zone 9 or 10.
I'm guessing you got it at walmart. Kepp your eyes out at walmart for fan palms i got 2 ice sized chineses fortunei
(Chinese Fan Palm) for $5.50 which are very hardy, they grow were I live in northren Ohio.

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Thank you so much for your help. Im so glad to know what kind of palm this is finally. Is there a fool-proof way to care for it? Ive read it can be quite tempermental.

Thanks again for your help!

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I wouldnt keep it as an indoor palm all year long. Repot it into a nice, bigger pot and give it some plant food. Take it outside if possible when the weather warms up. It will probably ask for water about every other day, and water it well especially on hotter days. If its above 88F or so you should water it every day until it cools down. Take it in when temperatures at night start going into the low 40s (maybe 43 or below) and keep it inside by a sunny window, away from a heater, but away from a draft. You can water it once a week when inside.
Good luck!

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i agree, it does look sort of like a christmas palm but in a way, it favors a king palm. .prolly a christmas tho. .the leaves look more like it.

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Christmas palms will live in 10a long term but anything under that and they will eventually die. Looks like it could be a group of Christmas palms (adonidia merrillii)

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depends on whether you are talking east coast 10a, or west coast 10a. These are hopeless even in 10b west coast climates... but very doable in east coast 10a.

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