p. violacea yellowing leaves, needs help

passiflorakae(MA)February 4, 2005

I've overwintered my fav pf vines several years now, but this winter one's looking particularly unwell. It's lost most of its leaves, and the few remaining are yellow with deeply green veins. I cut back the dead growth and let it dry out (I was initially afraid it had been overwatered) and have now been watering it sparingly since its roots seem to be fine. I have given it some very light fertilizer w/chelated iron in case it was having a chlorosis issue, but I haven't noticed much improvement over the past week. Does anyone have a suggestion? This is generally a very vigorous plant. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I'll trade some photos of it in it's healthful summer glory for any advice. :)

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It is Probably a virus, that is all I can say.

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JRC16(Z8 U.K)

try re-potting it into a slightly larger pot and mix in a bit of acidic compost tha should help the leaves.

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