WANTED: Inducing flowering in passiflora

adrianag(AL z7)February 17, 2005

Please healp this passiflora novice - I have a 12' long passion vine in my greenhouse which has given me ONE flower/fruit in it's entire 2-year existence.

Is there a way to induce flowring in passifloras? Sorry, can't tell you the variety - it looks and tastes like Edulis but shouldn't be (that wasn't one of the 4 varieites it might be). I started about 4 different varieties a couple of years ago and they took so long to germinate that the tags faded. I have since forgotten what those 4 were, I know one was Quadrangularis, and another was Mollissima and the fruit certainly wasn't sweet or large. I know aht Mollissima fruit looks and tastes like and it wasnt that either.

Second question - are there any special tricks to rooting passiflora cuttings?

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Sorry I can't advise you. In fact I was going to post a nearly identical question on this forum but when I saw yours I thought it best to wait and see the responses.
But there haven't been any (?).

I've got two vigourous Passiflora vines that I grew from a packet of mixed seed. They are probably the same variety, as they have identical leaf shape and overall form and habit, but I don't know what the might be. The plants grow very well and I have frequently had to cut them back. I keep them in a bright room during winter and outdoors in full sun during summer. They are growing together in a 14" planter and are being supported by a trellis. All seems well...but in three years, these plants have not produced a single bloom. What's the problem?

AdrianaG, I hope we hear from someone soon.


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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

I have grown several varieties of passiflora from seed. I am by far NO expert. Here is what I have found. From seed most will not flower until the second year. They all need bright light. Most do better in at least 1/2 day of full sun. Some only bloom in certain seasons. Incense, Lady Margaret, Lavender Lady, Blue Bouquet,Incarnata, Caeruleas, and probably many more that I can not remember right now start blooming in the spring and bloom until frost. Alata, Eudlis, Vitiflora for me bloom when the weather cools in the fall. I do not fertilize my in ground passifloras at all. The ones in the pots I only fertilize with fertilizer for blooming plants.

I have one passiflora that I grew from seed that the mother plant was vitiflora and the pollen I used was Constance Elliot that is 3 or 4 years old that has never bloomed. If it does not this summer it will be tossed.


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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I also have non-blooming passionflowers. One I believe to be an edulis (it is huge) is about 2 years old, the other is unknown (seed bought online by my wife who doesn't remember where she got it) and 3+ years old.

The Edulis one I can tell you rooted very easily for me. I just cut off a stem about 12-14 inches long and pushed 4-5 inches of it into potting soil. It has been in there for 3 months and has pushed out about 6 more inches of growth and as many more leaves (so I am betting it has rooted).

I started giving them bloom boosting fertilizer and epsom salts once a month just after Christmas. If there is no bloom by June, I will be planting both of them into the ground and letting them live or die based upon the climate (I've got 5 other blooming passionflowers in pots to take care of, two slackers can pass away or be identified (the second one definately is a different variety than Edulis) by their hardiness.


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