Tolumnia Valset x Robsan how log does blooms last

vandavixenFebruary 28, 2009

Hi again...remember me asking info on these miniture cimbidiums? Well...I'd like to ask when they open from bud about how long does it stay in flower after opening?

I bought them in bud but one plant still blooming in bud other lil blooms that had opened all the way like 2 died ..I felt it was too fast any suggestions ideas? Thanx

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jblaschke(8b TX)

I suggest you try this question on the orchid forum. Passion flowers are a very different type of plant.

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I accidently posted on here thinking I was on the other forum ..please forgive me without any hard feelings from you all or comments I'm sorry

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jblaschke(8b TX)

No blood, no foul! ;-)

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

it all depends on the conditions they are grown in.
Humidity and temps can all have an influence on the time a flower lasts

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Hi...thank you will finish this question in the orchid sorry but Orchidguy u found me lol
Having so much trouble with my passion flowers they are so hating our cold nites ..droping buds dried up leaves right after a 48-58 nite ..I don't know what to do ? It's on my porch open windows warm days but unusual cold times hit it bad.caerulea passiflora..after the first nite of leaving out droped 6 buds ..then warm days more buds recooped ..Then thre other night very cold again..same reaction..after all these people said it is cold tolerate??? I read it isn't here in zone 10?thx

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jblaschke(8b TX)

Is your caerulea in a pot? That may be the reason. 48-58 degrees is nothing for the caerulea. I'm in zone 8b and mine are in the ground. A week ago we dropped down to 32 and today we hit a high of 85. It's covered in flower buds that'll probably open in a week or so. I'm wondering if you might be over-watering? Passis really don't like wet feet. I've had passis in pots that I over-watered, and their leaves started to wilt. So I watered more, thinking they were thirsty, and then they started dropping buds.

Even in a pot your cool weather shouldn't affect a caerulea. I'm thinking something else is factoring in here. If not over-watering, then something else.

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Yes it is in a pot about two feet high wqith a trellis can't spell it.. I tried not watering it thinking that was it heat was intence as well we hit 80-90's here doesn't like so much heat either.
Leaves got yellow dried up but only after severe cold drops in temps.
I adore this plant it means so much I stick my finger in real deep before watering it feels dry????????
I also read it likes to stay moist and does not like wind or cold makes a great house plant.

When it got real cold I brought it back in also thinking each time it was moved pissed it off...Geesh ..It reminds me of me I hate the high humidity and then drop into cold in hours it's crazy here for sure . In a decade we haven''t had severe cold in March ...
How long can I expect to see improvement?

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