Have you seen the heat warnings for Missouri?

proudgm_03(6 MO)August 1, 2007

Egads! Indices of 105 by Sunday or Monday! This always happens right about the time it is time to go back to school. It makes everyone grumpy. Oh, I just want a pity party because I don't want to go back to work. Ho Hum.....

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Just talked to my nephew in E TX. He's having a pity party too because it wont stop raining and he's going to lose a lot of hay,not real hot though.
I dread this heat wave too. I want to transplant my iris into pots and i think it'll be humid as well as hot. Maybe another coolfront will come through.

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I'll join the party. I want a different forecast. It's really hard to keep everything watered this time of year.
Our schools are all air conditioned now so the kids don't suffer too much until they go out to recess which is quite a change from the classrooms that they keep too cold.

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Yes!! this morning I drove to main street and noticed the sky was not blue, but it was sunshine with very hazy looks like "smog" in the hills. It is supposed be stay very hot for a week! I finally gave my flowers watering this morning before I go to main street. I have not give watering plants for two months.. because we got good rainfall here this year. Kat

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It has been very hazy here as well. we have a 72 year old at my work and the boss told him to stay home all next week because of the heat. I think I will have 2 water bottles, one for drinking and one for dumping over my head, no joke (I work in a machine shop)
I have been watering my Elephant Ears, Cannas and Hydrangeas, everything else seems to be doing okay so far, I did notice my Hostas look like they are already starting to have some dried leaves so I need to get out and get the water to them, I think I am ready for fall!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Welcome to Ozarks forum micke. Some of my hosta leaves have started turning brown too. My gardening time gets less everyday as it gets hotter.
I saw your pictures of your plants and your adorable dog on the Hosta forum (where i lurk) you sure have a lot of houseplants and hostas.
It was thoughtful of your boss to tell the 72 yr. old to stay home.
come back often,

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

It's gonna be another hot week folks! Heat indices at 105 again. Stay cool if you can.

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This is typical weather for us! Don't like it but expect it e very year. I have given in and started watering some.

All my hostas are fried looking. They lost lots of shade due to tree damage over the years. They definitely will get water ed today.

I plan to get out early and and finish before noon.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I agree with Glenda. I expected this, but I sure don't like it! We eill spend the days sitting under our celling fan, with a window fan in the sliding glass door, and other fans in strategic spots. ( We have no AC.)
I too, need get out early and water...mostly potted plants.
I need to mow, too.

Everyone take care. If it gets too hot at our house we will go to the local One Stop to cool off!

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I hate this heat. I don't have time to water in the morning and end up doing it in the evening. So everthing fries during the day. I don't expect much from my fall seeds with this weather.

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I always water in the evenings when it is hot like this, I worry that if there is any water left on the leaves it will make it fry quicker. We are getting Thunder right now, I am hoping that means some relief is on the way, but I fear it will just make it more humid:(
Thanks for the welcome oakleif:)

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